My Hero Academia: Kohei Horikoshi shares an illustration of Stain with a new look | Spaghetti Code

The franchise of My Hero Academia is full of characters that can never be forgotten, both heroes and villains, among which some stand out like All Might, Endeavor, Dabi and even Toga, but one of those who held a special place that shone was Stain.

It is worth mentioning that some time ago within the manga, the series brought back Stain, overlaying his character psychotically with some heroic actions, but to celebrate this villain, an illustration has been released that portrays a different appearance than how he appeared in the first chapters of My Hero Academia.

Said artwork was created by Kohei Horikoshi himself and was released this week along with the 33rd volume. in Japan, but it was the fans who rushed to read the extras and that’s when Stain’s new image was found. Here we leave the image for you to enjoy:

Source: Twitter @Atsushi101X

Without a doubt, this new illustration of Stain gives fans of My Hero Academia a better idea of ​​Stain’s appearance after escaping from prison. While, you can see that this villain has a bright white coat with pockets and a high collar, which combines with dark pants and knee pads that come together with high boots.

Of course, he still keeps the blindfolds on his eyes, while his hair is tied back, as well as carrying a lot of sheaths for swords and knives, something that has characterized him.

Stain’s arrival could bring about a change in history and although Horikoshi mentioned that the sleeve of My Hero Academia is in its final phase, the plot could bring back old characters, which may have importance as far as heroes and villains are concerned.


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