My Hero Academia: Kurogiri is an important piece in the final war

Things are still intense inside sleeve My Hero AcademiaAs their Final War Arc unfolds, Kurogiri, the villains’ high-end teleporter Nomu (made from the corpse of Aizawa’s old friend Oboro Shirakumo), who has been sidelined ever since he was captured during the ambush of the League of Villains in the Forest Training Grounds Arc, but now it looks like Kurogiri is the key to one of All For One’s biggest plans for the war…

If you are not up to date with My Hero Academia, continue reading at your own risk…

You see, the last mini-arc of sleeve of My Hero Academia has been all about society’s heteromorphs (mutants whose peculiar powers affect their physical appearance), so as the war rages on several fronts, All For One he sent Spinner and a whole mob of angry heteromorphs into the streets to storm the facility where Kurogiri is being held and free him.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 372, spinner he finally sees his target, which cost him his own life. The quirks All For One gave him have eroded Spinner’s body and mind to the point that this last task is all he sees, so Spinner, when he arrives at the research lab where Kurogiri is being held, despite that the heroes (Shoji) manage to get the mob away from their leadership.

So when it comes to Kurogiri, we are shown a voiceover from All For One’s instructions: “Kurogiri has been transferred to the investigation wing. Once you reach him, play a recording of my voice or Tomura’s.” The villain overlord promises that “Kurogiri’s quirk will put an end to this conflict.”

So the question is: What is the all-for-one plan for Kurogiri in the war?… Well, this might not be the best development for the heroes, for even though Present Mic is there to meet and fight to Spinner in Kurogiri’s cell, the two end up in a vocal battle, to stir up the “Kurogiri” or “Oboro” side of the creature, so if “Kurogiri” is the dominant person, and his quirk reactivates, and could cause the entire war plan of the heroes could collapse in an instant.

All Might came up with a bold divide and rule strategy for the war, teleporting the villain army factions to different locations that favored the heroes, so Kurogiri’s Warp Gate quirk can unite all those scattered villains into one force, which includes finally uniting Tomura Shigaraki and All For One on the battlefield.