My Hero Academia Launches Collaboration with Body Deodorant Brand | Spaghetti Code

Given the enormous popularity it has had My Hero Academia in recent months and his huge box office success after his recent film World Heroes’ Mission, The anime franchise continues to seek to reach other markets, which is why it has now announced a collaboration with a renowned brand of body deodorants..

The official site of anime made it known collaboration between My Hero Academia and the Ax company, which is famous for its personal care and hygiene products. The “Plus AX Campaing” will begin on September 1 in Japan and will end until October 31, 2021.

In honor of the recent fifth season of the anime, some Class 1-A characters will be teaming up with Ax for some Plus Ultra fragrances and everything seems to indicate that the campaign will come with limited combo items.

Plus Ax will be the name of the campaign | Source: Ax

Those who acquire a product of the brand, may have access to a raffle to acquire different limited edition prizes, which will be inspired by anime such as transparent file cabinets, acrylic phone holders, sports towels, large-format tapestries, among others.

Meanwhile, the campaign pointed out that a contest will be held at the same time, in which a display stand for a wristwatch and an AX smartwatch will be won.

Japan has certainly been home to many collaborations, some of them very strange, but the body deodorant wants to get into action together with the heroes, however, this collaboration will be exclusive to Japan. It is still unknown if the line will feature special scents, but anime fans are already very excited by the news.

My Hero Academia is a series based on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and tells us the story of Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a population where 80% have developed women, and he is in the 20% who do not have skillsHowever, on his way he meets his idol All Might, who offers to be heir to his powers. Midoriya agrees and begins studying at the UA, a place where she makes new friends, meets other heroes, and learns to control her new abilities.


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