My Hero Academia: League of Villains and Twice could be rehabilitated?

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In My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), we have seen one of the most tragic deaths to date and opened a debate: “can the League of Villains be rehabilitated?”. Before continuing, this article will contain spoilers for the chapter.), so we recommend you read the manga that has come out in the last few hours on the MangaPlus by Shueisha service.

As the other heroes tried to fight their way to the Paranormal Liberation Front headquarters, Hawks already had Jin Bubaigawara, aka Twice, cornered.. The winged hero revealed to the villain how he managed to overcome the entire Paranormal Liberation Front. Having experienced a previous betrayal, Twice took Hawks’ confession quite harshly. He blamed himself for taking pity on the hero, only to end up getting stabbed in the back. Still, despite the amount of threat Twice posed, Hawks didn’t just get rid of him..

Instead, Hawks told Twice that he really thought of him as a kind person and asked Twice to consider giving up villainy.. She even offered to personally help him change his ways. However, her offer simply angered Twice. The villain went berserk and unleashed an army of duplicates. Hawks used his feathers to cut off Twice’s duplicate, as well as immobilize the original. Still, he tried to convince Twice to give up, though Twice stood his ground. Dabi eventually showed up and allowed Twice to escape, but unfortunately, Twice ultimately died trying.

Twice’s death leaves many My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) fans devastated, especially since it seemed highly salvageable. The question, however, is whether Twice really could have been rehabilitated with the help of Hawks. Unfortunately, that scenario is highly unlikely, even if Hawks successfully embraced it. What makes Twice impossible to hate is his unwavering loyalty to him. As such, there is no way that he would have willingly abandoned the characters that he sees as his friends.

Twice proves that villains could not be rehabilitated in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

The only way for Hawks to leave with Twice is to use brute force.. Even if he hypothetically managed to arrest the villain, Bubaigawara would probably resist with all his might. He would insist on returning to the Paranormal Liberation Front, especially since he realized his role in his downfall. Hawks would also have a hard time finding support for Twice’s rehab. After all, Twice was no longer a petty criminal; he was a terrorist with innocent blood on his hands.

While Twice’s death in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) is heartbreaking, the villain would have met that fate sooner or later. Unfortunately, he was too deep into the criminal world and rehab was no longer an option. After all, Twice wasn’t just a street thug anymore, he was a full-fledged terrorist.

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Jin Bubaigawara goes crazy in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) at the latest events.

Of course, your decisions ultimately have consequences. Those who choose villainy often go to jail or suffer a fate worse than imprisonment, though they gain brief moments of “freedom”. However, there are also exceptions. There are cases where arrested villains have a chance to repent. As long as they want it and are not too deep into the criminal world, there is the option of rehabilitation.

To acquire classified information on the movements of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks targets the weakest link in the group: Twice. She deliberately identifies with him and helps him in various situations to gain his trust, while tricking him into revealing valuable information about the group’s actions. Logically, Hawks’ actions are sure to have consequences, and they won’t be pretty. However, in an interesting twist, Hawks genuinely regards Jin Bubaigawara as a good guy, even though he refused his help at the most critical moment in his story. Perhaps, in a different situation, they would have forged a sincere friendship like the one Twice has with some of his comrades.