My Hero Academia: League of Villains, Ranked by Maturity

The League of Villains is by far one of the most interesting factions in My Hero Academia , for the mere fact that it is made up of so many diverse characters that they often disagree not only with the heroes, but also with each other. Despite this, they continue to work together to end the current society of heroes that they consider incredibly unfair and problematic, although their personal methods vary widely.

Because many of them are outcast by the nature of their Quirks, who are perceived as evil, they have unique powers that cannot be found anywhere else in the series. However, whether due to mental instability or simply their own selfish ideals, many of them lack the necessary maturity to achieve the future they desire.

10 Muscle Man Just Joins In To Unleash His Violent Tendencies And Is Overly Confident

Muscular is an incredibly powerful and intimidating villain, but that immense power is also his downfall. It allows him to have a manic overconfidence, and this overconfidence leads him to use less of his full power and become distracted during his fight with Izuku after considering him inferior.

The only thing Muscular wants to use his power for is to kill, and he doesn’t care at all about the League’s agendas. His vision of good and evil is also childish, since he believes that whoever the victor is has shown that his ideals are “correct” and the loser is automatically wrong.

9 Dabi is listless with an utter disregard for all human life, including himselfmy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 1

When Dabi is young, he is molded by Endeavor to have nothing but the unstoppable urge to be number one, causing his father to abandon him, causing him mental trauma. This sets him off, changing his primary goal to ruining his family name and harming those who used to be closest to him.

Dabi takes pleasure in playing and inflicting pain on Pro Heroes and students alike, no matter who he hurts in the process, and this includes himself. After an attempt to immolate himself and his brother Shoto, Dabi admits that he no longer feels anything other than utter apathy.

8 Himiko Toga cares for her allies but is prone to mood swings and violent outburstsmy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 2

Himiko is originally perceived as a normal and cheerful girl, and those around her are shocked by her transformation into a deranged villain. However, she herself claims that her “normal” side is nothing more than a performance she has staged, and that her current deranged self is the real her.

Although she is concerned about her allies, especially Twice, Himiko is too prone to mood swings or playful childish behavior to be considered mature. Following Twice’s passing, he is completely unable to compose himself and launches into a blind murderous attack in an attempt to avenge him.

7 Daruma Ujiko is a skilled scientist, but he is also prone to outbursts of panic and cowardicemy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 3

Daruma Ujiko – real name Kyudai Garaki – is an expert scientist responsible for the creation of the Nomu used by Shigaraki, and comes to regard them as his children. He regards All For One as a true friend, and tears even come to his eyes as he thanked him for allowing him to pursue his scientific desires.

However, Daruma’s scientific brilliance is matched by an equally cowardly personality when challenged. It doesn’t take much for Daruma to go into a cowardly panic when faced with any kind of threat, and this inability to keep a cool head shows a distinct lack of maturity.

6 Tomura Shigaraki is arrogant, childish and overly confident, although his personality begins to mature over timemy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 4

When Shigaraki is first introduced, his personality can be relatively accurately summed up as a “man-boy”. He seems to only care about his own wishes and quickly gets angry and throws tantrums if he doesn’t get his way.

This part of his personality softens over time as he is able to be more patient and controlled. However, as he gains new power, Shigaraki also grows astonishingly confident, believing that he is powerful enough to reign victorious even as he almost faces his own death.

5 All so that one can enchant his subordinates to follow him, but he is really selfish and power hungrymy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 5

One For One is mature enough to be able to mask his true intentions in order to get others to submit to his will. For example, although he acts as a kind mentor to Shigaraki who wishes to see him grow, the truth is that he only wishes to use Shigaraki as a tool to rob One For All. Behind the performance, Uno Para Todos is a selfish, egotistical and cruel villain whose sole and true goal is to make sure there is a Symbol of Fear that destroys the sense of peace that Todo Poder cultivated in the audience.

4 Twice he struggles with mental instability but manages to feel peace in his last momentsmy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 6

Twice is one of the most tragic members of the League, originally making clones due to feeling lonely and desperate for company. However, this also makes him unstable, as he begins to question whether he is a clone or the original.

This manifests as a split personality that became much more difficult to tame without his mask. However, Twice is shown to make amends with himself in his last moments, as he gives up his own life to protect the close friends he had managed to make within the League.

3 Mr. Compress acts as a voice of reason for the League, but lets his cheerleader skills get in the way of his workmy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 7

Mr. Compress has one of the less violent reasons for joining the League, as his goal is to expose how unfair the hero society is and fight rich heroes corrupted by their fame. Additionally, he often acts as a voice of reason within the League and as a mentor to the younger members, as well as keeping them at bay.

However, Compress’s biggest flaw is the fact that he often lets his animator skills get in the way of his work. The only reason the Bakugo Escort Squad is able to catch up with him is because he spends a lot of time taunting them, and then he almost lost Bakugo after taking a moment to bow and celebrate his victory.

2 Spinner follows Stain’s ideals to the letter, making him more moral than most of the others in the groupmy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 8

Spinner is the member of the League most impacted by Stain, to the point that he dresses the same and uses the same style of weaponry. He also embraces Stain’s ideals at face value, making him a far more moral villain than most of the others he works with.

This is shown when Spinner attacks a fellow villain just to save Izuku, someone Stain had deemed worthy of being called a hero and kept alive. He also disagrees with Shigaraki’s plan to destroy the world and seems terrified when the other mentions it, but he knows that he lacks the power to stop Shigaraki from trying.

1 Kurogiri is a sensible, educated person and keeps Shigaraki in check despite being a Nomumy hero academia la liga de los villanos clasificada por su madurez 9

Despite being a Nomu created by Daruma, Kurogiri is far from mindless and in fact displays the most mature traits of all the League’s members. He remains courteous even to his enemies, although he still possesses a cruel side that revels in the suffering of others.

Kurogiri is not intimidated by Tomura’s personality and only cares about his well-being, as he has been programmed to be deeply loyal to both him and All For One. His good sense does a great job of combating Tomura’s more immature side. .