My Hero Academia manga 332 hints at a dark ending for Star and Stripe

The Chapter 332 from My Hero Academia is close to its official launch. However, some spoilers for the next chapter have already appeared online. The manga he’s finally at a point where villains have the upper hand over heroes.

The merger of Shigaraki Tomura with All For One it’s scary for everyone, but Star and Stripe he is the one who confronts this powerful enemy first. In the previous chapter, we saw Shigaraki overwhelm America’s No. 1 hero with his newfound power.

After seeing Star and Stripe’s strongest attack, everyone is eager to know if the hero can defeat Shigaraki. Well, thanks to the last spoilers, on The Truth News we have an idea of ​​what will unfold in chapter 332 of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academy Spoilers Chapter 332

Shigaraki enfrenta a Star and Stripe en My Hero Academia 332

According to the leaks, the chapter begins with a flashback of Star at the Army Training Camp. This part where the manga focuses on the limitation of the power of Star and Stripe. We see everyone giving Star a hard time for not being physically strong.

On the other hand, Star is frustrated because she cannot find a ruler to increase her physical strength. Currently, the missiles are directed towards Shigaraki. Star prepares to drop the laser ruler and touch the missile.

Shigaraki realizes that the laser will not be Star’s final attack, and she will use something even more powerful. Finally, Star deactivates the lasers and uses the “The Tiamat will spin.” Grab the missiles with the air giant’s hand and Shigaraki leaps into the air from the ocean.

Now when the rockets complete a full rotation, the air giant presses them all against Shigaraki’s pot. The explosion is so massive that even Endeavor can see it from Japan. However, everyone is shocked when they see Shigaraki emerge from a hole in the ocean.

With his skin completely decomposed, he comes out with a smile on his face. Shigaraki explains that he knew a big attack was coming, so he made a hole in the ocean to hide. What’s more, It was Nomu the pilots were shooting at, thinking it was Shigaraki.

Finally, Shigaraki uses the jets to get close to Star. The pilots try to save Star, but Nomu explodes to break their formation. Shigaraki jumps onto the leader’s ship, giving Star a chance to crush them both.

The leader asks Star to sacrifice him for the cause, but Star hesitates. Shigaraki takes advantage of this and finally touches Star’s face. So, these are all the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 332.

Please note that these spoilers may not be completely accurate, so be sure to read the official chapter when it comes to VIZ Media or in the MANGA Plus official app. Do you think this will be the end of Star and Stripe?

What days does the Boku no Hero manga come out?

The manga of Boku no Hero Academia published weekly every Sunday. When the creator Kohei Horikoshi must pause, advertised via social media or in the latest issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Moreover, fans can see the My Hero Academy’s full anime en Crunchyroll.

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