My Hero Academia: Manga 339 reveals the whereabouts of two endearing characters – Senpai

Following the release of chapter 339 of My Hero Academia manga, Several fans of the aspiring student heroes were further relieved as it was confirmed that two endearing characters are still alive.

The first of them is Tamaki Amaijiki, better known by his hero name “Sun Eater” and one of the three highest-rated students at UA Academy (alongside Mirio Togata and Hadou Nejire).

We had lost track of Tamaki since the war with Shigaraki and the days of “Deku Seinen”, so for a while this character was believed to be on the list of professional heroes killed during the “war arc”. But here we have it alive and well (literally because his Gift allows him to replicate animal parts or things he ingests).

The second character is – rather – one that we haven’t seen in a while since his job is more supportive in helping students and professionals with suits and support equipment (whom he affectionately calls “cute babies”). If you already caught the reference then you already know that we are talking about the brilliant inventor Mei Hasume.

The girl from class 1-H also had her starring moment in the last two chapters of My Hero Academia manga, after repairing Lida and Deku’s equipment … in addition to almost suffocating the protagonist with all the “plot” of MHA in a classic fan service (bathroom bathroom).

Did you already miss the return of these characters in My Hero Academia manga?


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