My Hero Academia manga Where is chapter 331?

You may have already noticed, but unfortunately there is no new chapter of the manga from My Hero Academia to talk about this week. It was previously revealed that chapter 331 would be released after a short delay.

Fortunately, it was revealed that this hiatus would not be for long. The Truth News reminds you, that after the launch of the Chapter 330 of the manga last week (on October 17), it was confirmed that chapter 331 of the series would be released not one week, but two weeks later. So it will be another week before the next chapter arrives.

That means chapter 331 of the series created by Kohei Horikoshi, was not released on Sunday, October 24 along with the rest of the new chapters that will be released as part of the digital releases of the revista de manga Shonen Jump.

Read My Hero Academia manga chapter 331

(Photo: Shueisha) Boku no Hero Academia manga 331, release date

The Chapter 331 from the manga Boku no Hero Academia premieres the Sunday, October 31 and fans can read it on the MANGA Plus reading app. This is a pretty creepy chapter for the series, as a pretty big fight is breaking out.

What happened in Boku no Hero chapter 330?

Chapter 330 of the series continues the Final act from the series that began with Izuku Midoriya and the rest of the heroes exploring the aftermath of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki’s attack on Tartarus after the war.

With this first endgame arc now established, it’s time to explore the villainous side of the equation, as Shigaraki continues to evolve in his control of the power of All For One and its impact on your body. This is just one of the major events that are happening right now as well.

The rest of the world’s heroes have become aware of the chaos unfolding in Japan and have therefore begun to devise their attack plans. Star and Stripe, America’s number one hero, has moved on and is now fighting with Shigaraki Tomura.

She has a powerful quirk that could make him even stronger, and that would mean that the war for humanity’s future will get a lot more difficult before it gets better. Fans predict that Star and Stripe could lose to Shigaraki from My Hero Academia, but everything could change with the arrival of more heroes.

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