My Hero Academia: Meet All Might Robot in a Hero Fes event promo. 2022

My Hero Academia It is one of the most popular series of the moment and despite the fact that its fifth season was something to talk about, fans are very aware of the franchise after the symbol of peace was removed and number 2 has been left in its place, Endeavour.

To honor this great and mighty hero, the UA Academy students managed to build a better replacement and It is an All Might Robot, which appears in the most recent promotional image of the My Hero Academia Ultra Event Hero Fes event. 2022.

This incredible promotional even recreate the illustration of chapter 312 of the manga of the same name, created by Kohei Horikoshi. This original art corresponds to Studio Bones, the same one that announced a series of exclusive products for this event.

Source: Studio Bones

As you can see, among the objects are pins of the young heroes, as well as figures, posters and even illustrations of All Might Robot, plus event t-shirts, banners, pens, tape, and more. Prices range from 1,320 yen to 4,070 yen.

Source: Studio Bones

It is important to mention that My Hero Academia Ultra Event will be held on July 24 at the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, in which more than 15 voice actors who have given life to the young heroes we know will participate.

But that’s not all, since In this special event of the franchise, the first episode of the sixth season from the anime as a small preview for fans of the story of the young heroes, while its premiere is scheduled for the fall of this year.

While we wait for this new season of My Hero AcademiaHow did you like All Might Robot?


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