My Hero Academia (MHA): World Mission of Heroes – Review

AAlthough the works that make up the body of Weekly Shōnen Jump – a magazine that has become the exponent of the ‘manganime’ industry in the West – is very diverse, many of its stories tend to revolve around positive values ​​such as teamwork, self-improvement and perseverance. This applies to both classics – and Dragon Ball Y Saint Seiya– as the vanguard of the magazine, headed by series such as Dr. Stone Y My Hero Academia. Kōhei Horikoshi’s work is not very subtle regarding the values ​​it tries to convey. After all, the ‘motto’ of the UA Academy is “Go beyond the limit: Plus Ultra”.

Although these themes are present in the first two films of My Hero Academia (MHA), World Mission of Heroes explicitly revolves around perseverance as the defining element of heroism. Compared to previous tapes, Movie 3 of My Hero Academia it is the largest in terms of scale. After all, it takes place in different parts of the world. Ironically, it has a simpler premise than that of past films. However, that doesn’t stop him from having some impressive choreography and emotional moments.

The story of My Hero Academy (MHA): World Hero Mission begins with a terrorist attack of Humarise, an organization convinced that gifts are a disease that must be eliminated. To that end, Humarise detonates a bomb with Trigger gas. It takes several victims by causing the gifts of those affected to spiral out of control. Following this first attack, the Hero Association deploys various groups to raid the Humarise facilities around the world and prevent another attack. Unfortunately, the operation does not pay off. Even so, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki remain in the fictional country of Otheon until further notice.

Fortunately for the trio of heroes, a robbery and subsequent chase leads Midoriya to meet Rody Soul. This character, created by Horikoshi for the film, is the first representation of the fickleness that the heroes oppose to do the right thing. We will analyze this topic in this review of World Mission of Heroes.

From the beginning it is clear that life did not give a good hand to Rody. For this reason, he has resigned himself to being a petty criminal to take care of his brothers. However, when the Otheon government incriminates Deku and Rody for an alleged murder case, their coexistence with Midoriya teaches him to rectify his path and follow his dreams. This portion corresponds to the first half of the film and is one of its greatest strengths thanks to how organic the relationship between the two is.

Of course, it must not be forgotten that Deku is not the only hero participating in the fight against Humarise. Multiple UA students and professional heroes have their moment to shine as they battle across the globe. However, the most prominent are Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki. The second half of the movie 3 of My Hero Academia lets them star in spectacular fights.

When it comes to animation, the movie budget allows Bones to do action scenes that would not normally be possible in ‘anime’. Among these stands out a chase in which Deku takes full advantage of his Black Whip. The final battle against Flect Turn – leader of Humarise and the second representation of fickleness that Deku and the other heroes oppose – is also another high point when it comes to animation. Now, it would be no exaggeration to admit that the entire movie looks spectacular from start to finish.

My Hero Academia movie 3 World Heroes Mission World Mission Heroes

If they only watch the movies of My Hero Academia for action, World Mission of Heroes it will not disappoint. Now, the above comes from the hand that the climax choreographies do not imply any strategy. The final three main heroes’ battles come down to Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki using their techniques over and over again until they take effect while receiving fatal wounds.

However, animation is not the only thing that defines the presentation of My Hero Academia. After all, it’s impossible to talk about the animated adaptation of Kōhei Horikoshi’s play without mentioning Yuki Hayashi’s epic soundtrack. In addition to some tracks from the ‘anime’, Hayashi has composed new melodies that were recorded in our head. If you want to hear the music of My Hero Academy (MHA): World Hero Mission, just take a look at Hayashi’s channel.

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Another aspect that cannot be forgotten is the voice acting. For one thing, the original cast of the ‘anime’ remains just as formidable. It is also important to highlight the work done by Ryo Yoshizawa and Kazuya Nakai as Rody Soul and Flect Turn, respectively. On the other hand, it cannot be forgotten that movie 3 of My Hero Academia It will also arrive dubbed into Latin Spanish to Colombia and other Latin American countries. While the Funimation dubbing has earned a bad name for its inconsistency, the Rody Soul and Flect Turn actors — Samuel Lazcano and Gabriel Basurto, respectively — do an excellent job. The main trio — Izuku Midoriya (Sebastián Reggio), Katsuki Bakugo (Rómulo Bernal) and Shoto Todoroki (Juan Felipe Sierra Cortes) – also deliver outstanding performances.

Regardless of which version they watch, fans of My Hero Academia will be happy after leaving the cinema. Even if they aren’t captivated by Deku and Rody Soul’s relationship, the spectacular choreographies pay for the movie ticket without a hitch.

In colombia, the release date of My Hero Academy (MHA): World Hero Mission is scheduled for January 13, 2022. Those residing in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico will be able to see it from January 6.

My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes