“My Hero Academia”: Mineta, are you really in love with Deku?

Deku’s UA Class 1-A has been through so much in “”. They have continually faced the League of Villains and been pushed beyond their limits. However, they have never faced confusion over the translation of a phrase in Japanese, like what happened in number 321 of the manga.

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, created by Kohei Horikoshi, has in Mineta the perverted character from the manga. The little scoundrel from Class 1-A has the gift of producing sticky balls from his head, and these can stick to any surface for 24 hours; Although he misbehaves with his companions, to the point of harassing them, in one of the editions of the manga, apparently, he decided to confess his love for his friend Deku. What happened? Next, we will tell you everything.


In the new manga arc, Deku is an independent hero and has completely withdrawn from his classmates, although they pressure him to regroup as they originally started. When Mineta’s turn comes, he makes a chain of balls and tries to hold him back while yelling: “I never thought it was your power that makes you so amazing. I fell in love with you when you were scared, you were sweating a lot and your boots were shaking. We found the way together, to which you have to return now”.

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The character’s statements caused controversy, especially because from the beginning of the story, Mineta was the typical womanizer (Photo: Crunchyroll)

The character’s statements caused controversy, especially because from the beginning of the story, Mineta was the typical womanizer. Did he pretend to be to hide his true feelings? This is, perhaps, one of the questions that fans of “My Hero Academia” have been asking, when seeing the aforementioned number of the manga. At least, from this part of the world.

The translations made from Japanese to English were what caused all this. Japanese alphabets are known to have different functions and meanings in their use and it seems that there was a misinterpretation in a phrase from the anime. As reported by Sensacine, it is the expression “horeta” which in the literal sense means “in love”, but in Japan this word is used to express deep feelings, admiration, affection and friendship, not only from the romantic point of view .

Aitai Kimochi, a Japanese businesswoman and influencer and owner of the Aitai online store, was in charge of confirming the correct translation. “No, this does not mean that Mineta is bisexual. Given the context he’s in, his words read more like, ‘Deku, I love you, you’re an inspiration to me, I respect you so much.’ I mean, it’s being very dramatic “he explained from his Twitter account.

Despite the explanations, some fans were incredulous. That is why Aitai herself clarified again: “Easy, guys, you can believe what you want, but, look, if this was a statement about your sexuality in Japan there would be an uproar and there is not. Most of the comments around here are to laugh about the situation and to see Mineta in the trends of social networks “he explained.

After this explanation, many online manga reading sites corrected the translation and changed it to the word “admiration.”

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Many online manga reading sites corrected the translation and preferred to use the word "admiration" (Foto: Crunchyroll)
Many online manga reading sites corrected the translation and preferred to use the word “admiration” (Photo: Crunchyroll)


The season 4 finale saw Endeavor and Hawks successfully battling a Nomu who could not only withstand Endeavor’s powerful blows, but also think and speak. While it looks like the League of Villains is falling behind for now, they have the remaining Quirk-destroying bullets in their hands after mastering Overhaul.

A devastating blow to society could be dealt if the League used them. Season 5 will focus more on UA ​​and the students, with Class 1-B standing out more. The two classes will merge for a joint training class where they will divide into small teams to fight each other.

Although it may appear that Class 1-A will have the upper hand, Class 1-B has also improved, despite not having seen as many battles as 1-A. At the end of season 4, Midoriya sees all of the previous One for All users, as well as a glimpse of the first user with his brother All for One, in his dream.

He wakes up, destroying his room in the process, but has no idea what the dream means. Once you do, you could better understand and control your Quirk. Meanwhile, the last time we saw Gran Torino, he and the police were chasing after Kurogiri, but they encountered a greater threat in the form of a massive villain named Gigantomachia, one of All for One’s most faithful servants.

Although they captured Kurogiri, Gigantomachia is still on the loose. Seeing how Kurogiri sought out Gigantomachia to help Shigaraki, we can see him meeting Shigaraki and the rest of the League in the new season.


Season 5 “My Hero Academia” premiered in Japan on Saturday March 27 and was available on Crunchyroll on the same day.

After its premiere, each new chapter of the anime was available every Thursday, first in Japan and then on Crunchyroll.