My Hero Academia: Mirko Receives Stunning New Art After War Arc

We are close to the premiere of The War Arcsince the adaptation of anime of My Hero Academia is about to show us the sixth season in the month of October, this arc where the series will focus on the heroes of UA Academy who fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front, and although Deku and his friends will be front and center of this fighting evil, many professional crime fighters will lend a helping hand as well, as is the case with RabbitHeroMirko, who first appeared in the fourth season and had a brief introduction in the previous season.

Mirkowill have her biggest role to date and her biggest official fan has a new spoiler sketch for fans, as we must remember that when My Hero Academia revealed Mirko, she became one of the “Top Ten” of Hero Society, after the retirement of All Might from the crime-fighting scene.

So even though he doesn’t have the ability to draw flames or manipulate feathers like Endeavor Y hawksMirko’s Quirk gives her the strength, speed, and agility of a hare, while her tenacity makes her one of the fiercest fighters in the shonen hero roster.

So during the war arc, Mirko risks everything and suffers some serious injuries as a result, which plays a factor during the current final arc that takes place in the sleeveas All For One and his minions seek to end the Hero Society once and for all, and as an act of spoiler, Shōta Noguchi the creator’s assistant Kohei Horikoshitook the opportunity to show the scars Mirko suffered from the War Arc and his fight against the Nightmare Nomu of the dr garakisome of the most terrifying creations that are part of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

This is how at the end of the manga, Mirko joined Bakugo to fight Shigaraki, who currently has the savage power of All For One at his disposal, and with Bakugo recently facing a rather worrying scenario, Mirko has been unleashed and the last Shonen chapter sees her giving it her all once again against the heir of All For One, despite receiving a great deal of irreparable damage and despite that, she doesn’t lose her good spirits.