My Hero Academia: Momo costume censored in advertising


By: Samuel Moreno | 07-09-21

My Hero Academia has behind a legion of fans who day by day are aware of what both manga and anime offer. So it’s almost impossible not to meet most of the characters on the show.

Momo Yaoyorozu, one of the many heroines of the anime, has a costume that makes her notice a great cleavage. The idea behind the character is that one of his powers is to be able to extract any material from his body through the molecular manipulation of cells.

It seems that, to avoid unnecessary controversies, it has been decided to modify their uniform only in the promotional images corresponding to “My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero“.

The image on the left corresponds to the modification that was made to the character. As you can see, they are not only covering her neckline, it also seems that they have reduced her bust.

As we said above, the reason behind the change is due to the fact that they want the game to reach all possible countries and prevent any country from censoring the launch, especially in places like China, where they maintain a strong policy in relation to video game.

My Hero Academia: Would the costume be based on a play?

It’s funny but for an official play based on My Hero Academia, the actress who plays Momo uses an outfit similar to the modification they made to the character.

My Hero Academia

Fortunately for many, censorship only corresponds to promotional images, so within the game you can see the traditional design of Momo.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a game available in mobile devices where you can control the most popular heroes and villains in anime. Being an RPG with micro transactions involved, you can expect to meet several well-known characters, and fight exciting fights.