My Hero Academia: Mt. Lady has become a gigantic waifu thanks to this cosplay | Spaghetti Code

Of all the characters of My Hero Academia, created by Kohei Horikoshi, Yu Takeyama stands out for its amazing strength, its profound beauty, and also for its enormous size: the latter comparable only to the tallest skyscrapers. For that reason We loved this cosplay, as it gave us one of the best interpretations of this captivating heroine.

¡ La justiciera de Musutafu!

A beautiful beauty | Image: Disharmonica (DeviantArt)

Seeing the work that Disharmonica has done playing the character of Kohei HorikoshiWe can only praise the wonderful performance he has done. And is that the beauty of the artist only enhances the regal profile of this heroine, besides that its characterization is certainly remarkable.

In this way we can see that The artist is wearing a fitted vinyl suit, which is a faithful copy of the one that this justice uses when he is patrolling the city of Musutafu.

A beautiful interpretation | Image: Disharmonica (DeviantArt)

In the following image from the set of Disharmonica we can see again the beautiful Mt. Lady, but now offering us another profile: posing before the camera as this heroine would do, which, as we know, puts her image before having to catch the villains of the series.

A powerful and flirtatious fighter | Image: Bones

Mt. Lady is not afraid to perform the riskiest stunts in order to steal the attention of her viewers, and in the same way she has been shown by the beautiful Disharmonica: like an icon that only seeks the gaze. Which we fans of cosplay quite admire, as it accounts for the level of depth to which the interpretation of a character can go.

And you, what do you think of this Mt. Lady cosplay?


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