My Hero Academia needs more episodes like 6×03 to be TOP again

My Hero Academia“issued the third episode of the sixth season just a few days ago, and boy that was pretty good. The truth, first the sixth season already I liked how it started, emphasizing above all the figure of a character like Mirko who clearly has all the charisma in the world that was lacking during most of the fifth season. But obviously that alone is not enough. However, as I say, with the last episode everything changes.

My Hero Academia, with its priorities back where they matter

I don’t think I even need to say this, but if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read on from this point on. With this warning, I quickly comment why I think the third episode is KEY to set the direction that “My Hero Academia” should follow:

  • My Hero Academia has always been an anime with a huge cast of characters. Nevertheless, in the fifth season everything was blurred with the entrance of even more faces that, obviously, were meat to be relevant for a few seconds. At first, this is being demonstrated. ❌
  • By contrast, the sixth season has once again put the spotlight on the characters that really matter to the audience, as for example it can be the case of Twice. ❗
Twice, a villain who died as a hero for his own
  • Because yes, episode 3×06 is all of him, as much as Hawks remains as the pu ** master and Dabi also appears in style. Is really Twice who gives all the character and personality to events that really matter to you, because he may be a villain, but he is a character who has really earned and worked his screen time. ✔️
  • So episode 3 It was not only powerful in the narrative for what the loss (in addition to how) of a villain like Twice supposes, but because Bones did a great job with the technical. In the end, it is what they have become accustomed to with My Hero Academia, and it is the line that is expected to be followed for one of the most transcendental works of manga and anime in the last decade. ✔️

I am convinced that Twice’s death in “My Hero Academia” will be the trigger for an early turning point in this battle that has already broken out between villains and heroes. For me, I can’t wait to see more extreme situations like this first one, because in the end it’s what makes one really appreciate the value of everything that’s at stake for the characters.

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