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Most of the characters of My Hero Academia They are recognized for possessing fantastic powers inherited genetically. In this sense, there is a superheroine with one of the strangest abilities we have seen in any anime or manga: her name is Nemuri Kayama and she has the power to put her enemies to sleep. It is for that reason that We were fascinated by this cosplay, as it preserves the hypnotic figure of Midnight in an interpretation full of beauty and overflowing with sensuality.

Musutafu’s most imposing heroine

A beautiful interpretation | Image: Bloodraven (Twitter)

Seeing Bloodraven’s work, we can only admire the interpretation he has made of the heroine of Kohei Horikshi, because in addition to having a great physical resemblance to the character, the artist has been characterized in an identical way to how we get to see Midnight in Boku no Hero.

In this way we can see that the cosplayer is wearing a green wig, a red mask, deep blue lenses, a piece of white spandex that fits perfectly to her body, a black corset and a belt to give that distinctive touch to the whole outfit.

An enigmatic look | Image: Bloodraven (Twitter)

In the following image of the Bloodraven set we can see Musutafu’s heroine again, although now offering us a certainly different profile: looking at the camera with a certain flirtation, fully aware of how her beauty will be immortalized in this portrait.

The 18th Pro Hero! | Image: Shinoharaa (DeviantArt)

Few artists like the beautiful Bloodraven have offered us such a faithful and suggestive interpretation of the powerful Nemuri Kayama, something to be admired if we consider that Midnight is one of the most delightfully complex characters in the series, as she is impulsive, capricious and overly all enigmatic. Also, one of the most powerful heroines My Hero Academia!

And you, what do you think of this Nemuri Kayama cosplay?


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