My Hero Academia: New manga cover shows Deku’s dark side in color | Spaghetti Code

the sleeve of My Hero Academia had one of the most incredible moments of all and one of the biggest changes that there was after the War Arc, was the transformation that had Deku on his appearance as it showed the darker side of the young hero and who is the bearer of One For All, trying to keep the hero society together by himself.

If you are one of those who follows the history of the manga, you will remember that Deku wore a suit that did not look anything like how we saw it the first times, since the character He looked more like a villain than a villain. hero for many, however, it seems that the new cover of the story shonen takes a look at this full color Deku aesthetic.

Through Instagram, the author of My Hero Academia Kohei Horikoshi, shared the first glimpse of the cover of the 33rd volume of the manga, in which he showed us Deku’s dark appearance. Here you can see it:

On the same cover, it is also seen that Uravity and Iida appear, who are prominently shown and try to stop the suicide mission that he intends to carry out. Deku. Let’s remember that the young hero had one of his difficult moments, as the aspiring crime fighter has been in big battles while also learning to control his new ability.

It is a fact that All Might did everything possible to help his student, but before this transformation, Deku did not allow them to get close to him, for fear that they would hurt them, especially those who seek the power of One For All.

During Jump Festa 2022, Horikoshi stated that the serie could come to an end within a year. Although the mangaka has not hinted about any sequel to My Hero Academia, many fans still want to see their favorite characters grow old.


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