My Hero Academia new poster that reveals heroes for season 6

Now that the return of the anime My Hero Academiaas it is scheduled to return with the sixth season this fall, and will continue to tell us more about the heroes’ struggle and their most dangerous mission.

And it is that, after all, war is on the horizon and the Class 1-A He has been giving everything in battle, that is why we have been given a small preview of some of the characters that we will be able to see in the sixth season, with a new illustration shared by his development team.

That’s right, this piece comes from the official My Hero Academia website and highlights the best students of Class 1-A, ty of course, this means that Izuku he leads the pack like always as he is front and center plus he shows us several of the others that will appear in this comeback this poster doubles as a character rank for the anime.

we can see to bakugo in her usual outfit while Tokoyami poses to her left, to Ochaco who is dressed in her pink outfit just to Bakugo’s right while Shouto Todoroki occupies the lower right corner of the poster. This key illustration continues with a preview of two other students with the help of Tsuyu and Kirishima, meaning these seven students make a formidable team.

Also, it shows us these heroes before the sixth season, and manga readers will know that My Hero Academia has a lot in store for the team of heroes, because after all, the anime ended its last season with a cliffhanger that promised a war. total.

Where Shigaraki has a full army at his command and the pro heroes are finally ready to make their move against All For One’s legacy, this one that is a power struggle will kick off alongside season six, and it assumes that Izuku will find himself in the center of the conflict, just like in the poster.