My Hero Academia: Ochaco Uraraka’s Top 10 Decisions, Ranked

My Hero Academia is an action-adventure shonen series starring Izuku Midoriya, the brave underdog who has earned the right to wield the One for All in order to become a true hero. He is also a student of the UA hero school. One of Izuku’s classmates and also his best friend is Ochaco Uraraka.

Ochaco has the advantage of being born to a Quirk, but has a work ethic that rivals Izuku’s. In another story, she could easily be the protagonist herself. Part of Ochaco’s appeal is not just his character as the lead, but also his friendly personality and ability to make decisions. Ochaco usually knows what to do and has good judgment to make the right decision.

10 When Ochaco called his father during the sports festival

During the US sports festival, a lot of exciting and dramatic things happened, such as some tensions between Endeavor and his son, Shoto, and Izuku’s first glimpse of previous One For All users. Ochaco also had a dramatic moment when he called his father after previously missing a call.

Ochaco felt depressed after losing to Katsuki Bakugo, but once she spoke to her father, her spirits were lifted by the kind words of Lord Uraraka. This was just what Ochcao needed, and he was soon reunited with his friends at the stadium.

9 La estrategia de Ochaco contra Katsuki Bakugomy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 1

Ochaco may not have won against his explosive classmate, but the battle continued to show that Ochaco can formulate and execute effective battle plans. In fact, she politely declined Izuku’s offer to develop a strategy for her. Instead, Ochaco wanted to prove himself in battle.

Ochaco wisely used the terrain to his advantage and provoked Bakugo to repeatedly blow up the floor of the arena. Ochaco then floated all the debris with his Zero Gravity Quirk and rained it on Bakugo’s head. He was right to follow this strategy, even if Bakugo had a way out.

8 Training with Gunhead the pro heromy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 2

After the sports festival, most of the students in class 1-A practiced with professional heroes, from Gran Torino to Selkie and Ryukyu. Ochaco wisely chose to practice with the terrifying looking hero Gunhead, as that hero knew how to fix one of Ochaco’s shortcomings in combat.

From Gunhead’s hand, Ochaco learned to perform some CQC, or hand-to-hand combat, which made her much more effective in hand-to-hand combat. She even used the learned technique to redirect Himiko Toga’s knife and avoid being stabbed.

7 Intervention in Ryukyu The Winged Heromy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 3

Gunhead wasn’t the only pro hero to teach Ochaco some new moves. Later, Ochaco was mentored by the winged heroine Ryukyu, from whom he learned a lot. Ryukyu is in the top 10 professional heroes, and he has a tough but fair personality that fits well with Ochaco’s.

Ochaco and Ryukyu participated in the assault on the Overhaul base of operations, and the other Ryukyu apprentices, Tsuyu Asui and the powerful Nejire Hado, were also there. Ochaco and the other girls make a great team in any situation.

6 when Ochaco helped Izuku control Blackwhipmy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 4

During the joint training arc with Class 1-B, Izuku and Ochaco ended up on the same team against Neito Monoma’s own five-man team, which included Hitoshi Shinso himself. At first, the two teams were very close, but then something really strange happened. To everyone’s surprise, Izuku manifested a new Quirk, the Blackwhip.

Hitoshi and Ochaco rushed to help Izuku. Ochaco bravely launched himself to help contain Izuku and control his new Quirk before things got out of hand. Ochaco’s decisive actions paid off, and Izuku soon had Blackwhip under control. Ochaco and Izuku won the overall match.

5 When Ochaco Joined Izuku’s Cavalry Teammy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 5

The sports festival was divided into several phases, and before participating in the single elimination tournament, Ochaco had to join a powerful cavalry team and score enough points. Wisely, he sided with his good friend Izuku, even though he was a great target with his million point headband.

Ochaco’s decision encouraged Izuku and helped motivate him to fight, and the momentum continued to build ever since. Now that Izuku had a two-man team, Mei Hatsume decided to team up, and Fumikage Tokoyami joined in to complete the team. It all started with Ochaco.

4 Ochaco speaks for Izukumy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 6

Later in themanga My Hero Academia, the war against the villains got out of hand and society itself fell apart. Audiences lost faith in professional heroes, and even All Might couldn’t save the day. Hope seemed lost, and Izuku couldn’t advance far. In fact, the masses were against him.

However, at UA, Ochaco bravely spoke into a megaphone and addressed the crowd. He convinced them to accept Izuku as a tired hero who needed their support before fighting his final battle against All For One. Ochaco’s energetic speech worked, and Izuku got the respite he desperately needed.

3 Ochaco’s Decision to Become a Hero for Moneymy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 7

Everyone needs a reason to become a professional hero, from Tenya Iida’s desire to follow his brother Tensei’s example to Izuku’s quest to succeed All Might as a symbol of peace. Ochaco’s motivation to become a professional is more tangible: he wants the salary.

However, the money is not for her. Ochaco’s parents are struggling to make ends meet, so Ochaco wants to pay them back literally with his earnings as a professional hero. It’s a pretty noble reason for anyone, and it’s a smart and practical move on Ochaco’s part. He’s not doing it for fame and glory, and even Stain might respect that, just a little.

2 Ochaco chooses to enroll in the UAmy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 8

Ochaco could have done anything with his life. She could have chosen to attend a normal university and support her parents as a lawyer or doctor, or she could have enrolled in the prestigious Shiketsu school or Ketsubutsu hero academy. But he chose the UA, and that was the right decision.

Going to UA meant that Ochaco would meet all of his best friends, including Izuku and Tsuyu Asui. Furthermore, he was in the right position to attract the attention of professional heroes for internships. The UA is rightly considered the best school for heroes in Japan, and Ochaco soon found out why.

1 Ochaco’s decision to befriend and emulate Izuku / Dekumy hero academia las 10 mejores decisiones de ochaco uraraka clasificadas 9

Ochaco made some friends at UA, but his first friend turned out to be the best: Izuku Midoriya. He met him on the school grounds when he used his Quirk to save Izuku from stumbling and falling flat on his face. Ochaco wisely decided to date this shy green haired boy more often.

It didn’t take long for Ochaco to recognize Izuku as his role model, someone his age who burned with the desire to become a great hero despite adversity. That was the right decision, and it pushed Ochaco’s career to the next level. Just thinking “what would Deku do?” In any situation, it gives Ochaco the courage to act, regardless of the risk.