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The manga’s story My Hero Academia is telling the war between the villains and the heroes. This means, according to the author’s words, that the end of the entire series is very close. Now, the spotlight is on Mezou Shouji and things are looking complicated for this character.ç

It is worth emphasizing that many spoilers are coming that have to do with number 371 of the manga My Hero Academia. If you haven’t read it yet, well, the best place to do it is plus sleeve.

Now the current scenario has several Heteromorphs teaming up with the Paranormal Liberation Front who are trying to get Kurogiri back from the police. this is where Shoji and Koji are making an effort to stop the attack in front of them.

It is worth emphasizing that Shoji and Koji are fighting against 15,000 opponents and at least two of them have some sort of special grievance. Our hero must carry his past and face Spinner, who has already turned into a monster.

My Hero Academia chapter 371 Shoji attacks with all his anger
Source: Shonen Jump Magazine

Shoji stands up to Spinner who is now manipulated by the All For One power and asks him about his plan. Here they then explain to us that they want to manipulate the citizens who want to improve their lives. The hero does not accept this and begins to fight the villain and flat out those around him.

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How does My Hero Academia chapter 371 end?

Let’s not lose sight of a detail, Shoji does his best to get everyone around him to safety first before going to blows with Spinner. Despite all the traumas that this character has in the history of My Hero Academia, it is clear that he is looking for some kind of redemption.

The end of chapter 371 of Kohei Horikoshi’s story left us wanting to see more again, but, as usual, this is how manga work and we have to wait for the sequel to come, where it is almost certain that we will have a conclusion to this fight. .

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