My Hero Academia prepares the meeting between Toga and Midoriya

It seems that after a long time, they will meet again

It seems that the long-awaited reunion between Izuku Midoriya and Himiko Toga is getting closer, as we saw in the final moments of My Hero Academia in the newest chapter in the series. Already a couple of issues ago, Kohei Horikoshi had been setting the stage to pit the heroes and villains against each other in individual conflicts before the heated climax of the grand finale, in order to develop and resolve his personal afflictions. Interestingly, before this all started, the series also gave fans a brief look at how Toga has felt about the situation in general in pursuing her own goals on the side of the League of Villains.

Ever since Toga and Ochaco Uraraka met in the thick of battle during the Paranormal Liberation Front War, there has been a far more tragic look at her path to becoming a villain, with Uravity herself berating her about her true reasons for becoming a villain. kill so many people in cold blood. Although, Himiko preferred to joke about it and steer the conversation elsewhere, as she had a curious connection and attraction to Izuku and Ochaco, and it seems the series is gearing up to show this connection in full. as the newest chapter in the My Hero Academia series unites the three of them on the battlefield as the war draws to a close.

my hero academia 345 deku toga

While the previous chapter revealed All Might’s complicated plan to divide the villains, it wasn’t until My Hero Academia Chapter 345 that we saw it in motion. It was soon revealed that they were planning to send groups of villains to entirely different areas through the copied Monoma warp quirk portals. As Toga finds herself falling into one, she ends up wrapping one of her tubed needles around Izuku’s arm and yanks him out before she can react. Notably, it’s also something that his Danger Sense quirk didn’t pick up on either.

When the chapter comes to an end, Ochaco is surprised to see Izuku there with her and Toga., so it looks like Izuku’s first big battle of the war will be dealing with the fallout from his connection to Ochaco and Toga before he can move on Tomura Shigaraki, his main target. At the same time, it will be an emotionally intense battle that he certainly won’t get away with.

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