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My Hero Academia It will return very soon with its sixth season, which will be very important for the development of the story. The producer of the series commented on which characters you cannot miss.

It’s amazing, it’s been over a year since we last saw our heroes. However, Studio Bones did not neglect a second, any detail.

Studio Bones has kept an eye on every step of the heroes. One of the show’s producers has even talked about the next season and comments which characters we should pay more attention to in the sixth installment.

Yoshihiro Oyabu is one of the producers of My Hero Academia. Recently, he spoke with Animedia to promote the series. In this interview, Oyabu pointed out those characters we should pay more attention to this fall.

These are Mirko and Twice. It seems that both will have great scenes at the beginning of the sixth season.

Mirko will have a great script adaptation.

Mirko from My Hero Academia
Source: Studio Bones

For his part, Twice, despite being a villain, will show a much more moving side—even in the midst of fights—that will dignify him as a man.

Of course the fans who follow the manga of My Hero Academiathey have no need for producer leaks, as they know exactly what is going to happen.

However, it should be mentioned that the series will take a dark turn due to the arc it adapts, probably this season will be one of the most serious so far.

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Source: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia will return on October 1, 2022. Crunchyroll will stream it. In case you are not up to date, you will also have the other episodes available, Crunchyroll has seasons one to five in its catalog, and it has them subtitled and dubbed.

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What will the final arc of My Hero Academia be about?

It is expected to be one of the most intense, it will narrate the fight between Dabi and Todoroki. However, it will also focus on other heroes fighting the villains of All For One.

It will probably be the most epic battle in the series. We have no idea which heroes will survive and which will perish. On the other hand, we expect the same amazing animation that has characterized its adaptations.

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