My Hero Academia: Release date of part 2 of season 6 of the anime

Season 6 of “My Hero Academia“It follows the pattern of the previous anime seasons at the content level, so yes, if what you wanted was another season more than +20 episodes from Deku and company, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Even so, in this duration occurs a division into 2 parts that will see in January how the second of the same startsand we already have a release date for what will be the next part of this sixth season.

The anime of My Hero Academia sets a premiere date for part 2 of its season 6

Then I leave you with the tweet by @DabisPoleDance (good name) who has picked up the release date of “My Hero Academia” season 6 part 2:

And now write down the little things that have been confirmed about the continuation of the anime:

  • It’s Official: My Hero Academia Anime Season 6 Part 2 premieres arrived on January 7, 2023. 😍
  • This part 2 will feature a new ending, which will be made by the Six Lounge group. ✌
  • Part 2 of season 6, considering the length, will remain on broadcast until spring 2023. 👌
  • Once the sixth season of the My Hero Academia anime finally concludes, we will have to wait for new confirmations for a season 7 (which will come without a doubt). 👍
  • With all this, what one can conclude is that all the action that we are currently seeing in part 1 must be very close to coming to an end. 🤔

After what we have seen in part 1 of the sixth season of “My Hero Academia”, I can safely say that things have improved significantly compared to the fifth season. I mean, we even recently had the return of Mirio! I don’t know what part 2 has in store for us in January, but as far as I’m concerned the anime has managed to get back on track..

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