My Hero Academia Releases New Visual For Season 6 TechRadar

My Hero Academia The sixth season is expected to be one of the anime adaptation’s biggest seasons yet, focusing on the war arc that will see the heroes of the UA Academy take on the full force of the new known villainous organization. under the name Paranormal Liberation Front. With Shigaraki receiving the full power of All For One, this is set to be the biggest fight of Deku’s life to date and a new key visual has been released to get fans excited for the titanic fight set to arrive later this fall.

Luckily for Class 1-A, the young crime fighters are in for some serious help as nearly every pro hero, including Endeavour, Mirko, and Hawks, are ready to test their Quirks against the villainous force that numbers over a hundred thousand. The new villain army, the Paranormal Liberation Front, was formed when Shigaraki successfully defeated Re-Destro at the end of the fifth season, with the League of Villains taking over the operations of the Meta Liberation Army. With Shigaraki’s young villains now having unlimited resources and countless followers at their disposal, fans should be prepared for plenty of casualties in the sixth season of my hero academia hits later this year.

The official site of my hero academia revealed the key new visual to get fans excited for the upcoming season, taking the opportunity to focus on the biggest professional heroes who will be part of the war against the villains as the hero society status is in Game :

(Photo: Studio Bones)

The anime has a long way to go before it reaches the same events that take place in the manga, as Kohei Horikoshi hasn’t shied away from the current arc being the last in the series. Pitting heroes against villains in a battle that eclipses even the war arc, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more manga casualties before the Shonen franchise ended.

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