My Hero Academia reminds us of the dark awakening of Shigaraki

The sixth season of My Hero Academia The war between heroes and villains has been taken very seriously, since it has already claimed the lives of some characters on both sides, while things with the Paranormal Liberation Front continue to give something to talk about, so Class 1-A and the professional heroes trying to keep the Hero Society together, and in the most recent episode where Shigaraki wakes up from the experiments performed by Dr. Garaki.

Just the moment when the decaying young villain awakens with more power than ever and thus has become the biggest nightmare for the franchise’s heroes, even as Shigaraki was fighting the Meta Liberation Army during the fifth season of the adaptation of the animeso the antagonist was expanding his Quirk, with his powers seemingly capable of taking out opponents in his direct vicinity, whether he made direct contact or not.

When the new heir of All For One wakes up, he immediately unleashes an attack that quickly wipes out more than a few pro heroes, turning them to dust, even some of these heavyweights include Crust the Shield Hero and X-Less, two top pro crime fighters who helped to Endeavor, Mirko and others in fighting High-End Nomu that had been unleashed thanks to Garaki’s machinations.

So in the networks we can see the awakening and the murder of X-Less by Shigaraki with his new power was a moment to celebrate, which is exactly the opposite position that the heroes will have as the new All For One who seeks to change the course on this War of Paranormal Liberation.

Shigaraki’s awakening not only brought an evil powerhouse to season six but also saw the awakening of Gigantomachia, the larger-than-life force that has sworn to protect All For One, Shigaraki’s newfound powers make him a force to keep in mind, especially given the length and severity of the War Arc in the manga, season six could be devoting most of its runtime to this battle, given that this event is one of the biggest in the series. history.