My Hero Academia revealed the ace up Shigaraki’s sleeve

Tomura Shigaraki already woke up in the most recent episode of the sixth season of My Hero Academiaand from what can be seen, he is now an almost unbeatable force.

All due to the series of improvements that the infamous Dr. Garaki made to his body, and incidentally, a series of Quirks or gifts that All For One, the main villain of the series, stole to add to his body. Shigaraki is now much more dangerous than before.

That’s something that comes out in the episode Encounter #2. This young villain’s body was strengthened and now has built-in regeneration.

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It’s why he has withstood attacks from Endeavor, the #1 hero after All Might’s retirement.

Eraser Head contains the Quirks that he has but the power that this boy has is too much. He is now able to degrade people or objects without even touching them.

My Hero Academia revealed the ace up Shigaraki's sleeve
Font: Bones.

Dr. Garaki so improved Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia who is now like some kind of perfected Nomu. He even has a gift that allows him to locate the one who has the One For All.

Shigaraki is scheduled to steal it from Izuku Midoriya, who is accompanied by Katsuki Bakugo. They were about to fall into their hands but Gran Torino saved them. It will not be easy to get rid of this villain.

What is a Nomu in My Hero Academia in the style of Shigaraki?

The Nomu of My Hero Academia and with whom Tomura Shigaraki now shares characteristics are humans artificially created by Dr. Garaki who have Quirks that All For One stole over the years.

The vast majority of them have no brain functions and only exist to obey the orders of a superior. The bodies of these people are completely altered and are more resistant than normal.

My Hero Academia revealed the ace up Shigaraki's sleeve
Font: Bones.

The name Nomu means brainless in Japanese and there are several types of them. The most dangerous are the high-end ones that are endowed with their own personality.

Sometimes the corpse of a person is the base to create one of these creatures, as happened to Oboro Shirakumo, who is now Kurogiri.

Shigaraki is a special case due to having increased abilities like a Nomu but with full brain functions.

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