My Hero Academia reveals a brutal connection to the past

The main My Hero Academia series reveals a major connection to the past and has implications for the Watchmen spin-off.

My Hero Academia has created a very important connection with its spin-off series, titled vigilantes. While it initially began as a spin-off set years before the events of the original series of Kohei Horikoshi, as it progressed it began to have very interesting links to the main plot of the universe. For example, he revealed a number of major heroes and villains at times in the past. Part of his story has actually allowed the events of the titular series to unfold. And now he comes with a mind-blowing new connection that could explain some big things for the future.

The last story arc My Hero Academia The final battle between heroes and villains has officially begun. But first he revealed a new ability that All For One you have at your disposal. It is the ability to detect when they are lying to him or have malicious intent against him. While he admits that it has changed over the years, this power bears a strong resemblance to the polygraph of Makoto Tsukauchi which can be found in the manga vigilantesas our colleagues from Comic Book.

The connection between All For One and Makoto Tsukauchi

Makoto, who is actually the little sister of the DetectiveTsukauchiHe is one of the most important characters in vigilantes. And now we know that he has the peculiarity of the polygraph. It has been described as “the ability to monitor the physiological signs of those it touches«. With this you can know if they are lying or telling the truth. The bad thing about this ability is that it can be tricked. If someone relaxes or believes that what he says is true, he can outwit the polygraph. An ability that works similarly to All For One, from My Hero Academia. As he himself explains, he forgot what the real name of this power was. But apparently it was something he created during the period in the past known as the “Advent of the Exceptional.”

Interestingly, All For One mentions that the first user did not use this power well, but his descendant did much better. He even says that the descendant finished work with All Might to overthrow him. This can be very interesting for the universe of My Hero Academia but it raises several important questions. Since we haven’t seen Makoto in the main series and All For One now possesses this power, fans are wondering what may have happened to Makoto in the time between her final appearance in vigilantes and the events of the main series.