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Kohei Horikoshi is preparing the last battle of My Hero Academia and every great hero like Deku requires a great villain to defeat, so The manga introduced a new real look for All For One, which will have a final great design.

The author of the My Hero Academia manga is getting closer to finishing his work. First, he showed us the actual design by Toru Hagakure (Invisible Girl) and then confirmed the end of the entire manga. To continue with this sequence of final details, we were presented with All For One’s design.

Through an official illustration, the manga author shared this new design in Giga Jump that although it is not very different from the one we saw before, it does show a much darker form and with harder details in the stroke, which is the trend that Kohei Horikoshi’s drawing has followed.

all for one manga
This is All For One’s new design for the end of the manga | Source: Shōnen Jump

The final arc of My Hero Academia

For more than a year the Shōnen Jump announced that My Hero Academia would enter its final arcwhich would encompass Deku’s independence as a hero as well as One For All’s dominance and the final battle against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One.

All might and Midoriya from My Hero Academia
Soon we will have to say goodbye | Source: Bones

So far, this battle has been going on since the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front ended with the total destruction of the battlefield and Tomura’s awakening as heir to the power of All For One.

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After this, Deku along with All Might have tried to awaken the hidden powers of this quirk, hoping that they will be enough to stop the threat that has lasted since the society of powers was established.

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