My Hero Academia reveals All For One’s only weakness


Now the heroes may have a chance against him.

In Chapter 354 from My Hero Academia, Hawks reveals a secret that no one even imagined existed: All For One’s weakness. This revelation is not just about a simple “weakness for his quirk” as is the case with Endeavor who can’t stand the heat of his own flame or Bakugo and his problem with glycerin, but a detail that could lead to his death in a very simple way.

Since he had never been seen without his bulky helmet, the heroes concluded that All For One needed this device to survive after his deadly fight with All Might. in which he suffered severe damage and his recovery hangs in the balance. This revelation might have made his task a lot easier, were it not for the fact that the helmet hadn’t already shown some serious feats of durability. All For One used it throughout his and All Might’s fight on Kamino, only breaking after taking the strongest One For All hit ever displayed in all of Kohei Horikoshi’s oeuvre.

All For One has a unique weakness, his helmet. This allows him to continue alive, despite his serious injuries.

This means that removing the mask will not be as easy as it might seem at first. There was also the added danger of All For One himself, his powerful Quirk. which allows you to steal and give skills at will. Setting a trap for him in an effort to remove his mask could easily become a buffet of Quirks for him, which is why he was paired with “the maximum amount of power in the smallest possible group” from all of My Hero Academia.

The team consisting of two of the best heroes, Endeavor and Hawks, would deal exclusively with All For One and remove his mask by any means necessary, even if it puts his life in danger. It was a task they seemed up to, until All For One began their psychological warfare.. Unfortunately for Endeavor, All For One knew exactly the right topics that could make him lose his focus. He had been berating the fire hero for making Shoto face Dabi in his place throughout the fight, finally managing to distract Endeavor when he talked about the night Dabi burned to near death.

my hero academia 354 all for one

Despite his weakness, All For One is always prepared to psychologically attack his enemies.

We know All For One’s true power lies in the way he manipulates his opponents’ emotions, so when he revealed that he was the one who saved Dabi from the flames, it stunned Endeavor momentarily. That small respite was enough for the villain to land a particularly nasty blow. Even though the fight with All For One started off on the wrong foot, not all hope is lost. However, it will be a matter of skill and luck to achieve it.

Will they be able to defeat All For One in My Hero Academia?

Just as the villain began to charge up his pulse attack intending to finish off Hawks once and for all, Kyoka Jiro appeared hovering above his classmate 1-A, Tokoyami Fumikage. Using his Heartbeat Wall, he canceled All For One’s pulse attack and narrowly saved Hawks. Jiro and Tokoyami seemed prepared to face the main villain of My Hero Academia and who knows, maybe Jiro’s sonic attacks are just what they need to break All For One’s mask. What could bring the hope that was needed in this fight.

hawks my hero academia

Hawks was the one who discovered All For One’s weakness, but was nearly killed in his last attack.

Since his introduction in My Hero Academia, All For One has had an air of invincibility. Given his countless Quirks and unshakable self-assured disposition, it’s always been hard to imagine the vulnerability of the villain’s mastermind. However, thanks to Hawks’ keen observation, and the gift the Hero Killer brought with him from Tartarus, the heroes have managed to identify All For One’s elusive weakness at last. Though the sinister villain is still quite powerful, his best days are long behind him.. Now, with the help of Jiro and Tokoyami, his end seems imminent like[Shigaraki’satthehandsofMidoriyaandBakugo[(https://alphabetjuegacom/my-hero-academia/my-hero-academia-this-is-the-reason-bakugo-fights-shigaraki)[ShigarakiamanosdeMidoriyayBakugo[(https://alfabetajuegacom/my-hero-academia/my-hero-academia-esta-es-la-razon-por-la-que-bakugo-pelea-contra-shigaraki)

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