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Hawks is one of the highest ranked heroes in My Hero Academia, his speed is a super ability that was believed to be insurmountable, however, it was revealed that it directly impairs a loss of durability from other abilities to its wielder.

Hawk’s abilities

Hawk is so carefree that we would never have imagined something like this. Also, he wields one of the most ultimate and interesting quirks. The hero flies at an irrational speed, and can remotely control the feathers he possesses, manage to unfold them to act as additional hands, and can even call them to his side at any time—no matter how far apart they are. They are also capable of transmitting information—even the most minute details—that they perceive.

In theory, the feathers of the falcons hide their true potential, since, although they seem delicate, even the smallest ones manage to support the weight of adult humans. It is for this very reason that Hawks manages to use the feathers as weapons.

My Hero Academia Reveals Hawks Quirk Weakness EarthGamer
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For one thing, the small ones become small shooting arrows, while the larger ones can be used as makeshift swords — they give the impression of being almost sentient. However, to use this ability, Hawks slightly and briefly sacrifices his speed.

Hawks is not the classic strong and dominant hero, his sensory abilities generate feats that are not about dramatic and impressive strength, but rather rely on ingenuity and mission strategy – rescue, for example, his feathers are capable of locating civilians and even transport them.

Hawks’ weak spot from My Hero Academia

Hawks rose as an invincible hero, however, he himself put an analysis on the table that allows us to see his small weaknesses.

On a previous occasion, Hawks spoke with Fumikage Tokoyami and He admitted that due to the fact that his feathers have flammable qualities, any scenario with fire would prevent the optimal performance of the superhero.

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Source: Bones

This hypothetical situation, precisely at this moment, is dangerous for Hawks, because after killing Twice, he will now have to face Dabi, in an uncontrollable fury, who is the bearer of a very powerful flame quirk and could put him in a situation especially difficult.

In a matter of seconds, Dabi reduced most of Hawks’s feathers to ashes, everything indicates that the hero’s punishment for Twice’s death will be terrible. The villain is using his cremation power more intensely on Hawks, if he keeps it up, the hero might never recover.

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When do the episodes come out? My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia Season 6 premiered on October 1, 2022. You can watch it via Crunchyroll weekly, every Saturday.

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