My Hero Academia reveals how Class 1-A feels after finding out who the traitor was

Watch out, spoilers! If you have not seen episode 338 of My Hero Academia, it is better that you do not continue reading, because we will talk freely about it.

My Hero Academia is heading towards a most addictive home stretch. Both for those who are following the episodes closely, and for those who are more causal and just watch the fiction from time to time. And it is that since it plays already approaching the last bars of the life of the series, the story is advancing at surprisingly fast rates and you are just leaving room to digest all the events.

Remember, that is, that the identity of the traitor was not discovered “properly” the first time. And it is that in episode 335 everything indicated that it was Toru Agakure who was responsible for the leak of information from the location of Class 1-A to All For One. But, it was later discovered that he was Yuga Aoyama the one who was behind it all. Something that certainly impacted the team members, whose reactions could be seen clearly in episode 338.

The characters have been shattered

Each of them, generally with their pluses and minuses, breaks down in tears when it is discovered that Yuga is the ultimate traitor among their ranks. Although the normal reaction would have been anger, the characters cannot contain their sadness to see that one of their own has been the one who has given All For One everything it needed about them. You already know that Class 1-A is conceived as a family, and therefore it is logical that the characters have certain contradictory feelings.

In fact, even the detective Tsukauchi seems to back down, since his intention is to stop the Aoyama family. But thanks to Denki Kaminari things change course. Even the students themselves seem not to want to wish him any harm, since he “feels” that Aoyama is actually good and that he has done what he has done out of fear. For now the thing is on the tightrope and the traitor continues to give a lot of play in these last bars of the series. Will it roll?