My Hero Academia Reveals Momo Yaoyorozu’s Dangerous Attack Plan

The sixth season of animehas revealed big key moments for the heroes in My Hero Academiaand it is that now they have reached a turning point full of chaos in the fight between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, and the suspense of the most recent episode of the series is to establish the own plan of attack of Momo Yaoyorozu along with the rest of the hero students.

Now him anime has brought us heavy doses of on-screen action, since the first few episodes have had fans in constant suspense, but recently the heroes were overwhelmed when Tomura Shigaraki he fully joined the fight as not only is he stronger than they expected, but the battle gets wilder just because he is around.

Shigaraki, who returns to action as the main danger, has not arrived alone, since he also woke up gigantomachia and now fighting its way through Jaku from the Paranormal Liberation Front base, so hoping to get to their master’s side as soon as they can, the heroes now fight to subdue the monster before it can cause even more. more damage to the people of the area.

And in the most recent episode, they let us see that both Yaoyorozu and the hero students of Class 1-Am are really the only ones left who can do something about it, so what is Yaoyorozu’s plan against Gigantmachia? ..

You see, My Hero Academia Episode 120 sees Gigantomachia continue to rampage while mt ladyMidnight and the other heroes try their best to stop the monster, so when all fail, even when it comes to trying to stop it, Yaoyorozu and the other young heroes realize that trouble is coming their way quickly and they must decide to do.

Then, midnighttells Yaoyorozu to put the monster to sleep and then run away from the battle, causing Yaoyorozu to struggle a bit over what to actually do, so upon hearing Midnight being badly injured and not knowing much about the overall situation , the young heroes decide to stay and fight because it is their duty as heroes to do their best against the coming threat.

Now it becomes clear that as the end draws closer, and the episodes come to a close, they make it clear that Yaoyorozu has formed some kind of plan against the monster and will initiate it in the next episode, they will need all the support they can get, because The prospect is not encouraging.