My Hero Academia Reveals Mt. Lady’s Best Combo To Date

the anime of My Hero Academiahas conquered us with great professional heroes, who are just now proving their credibility as heroes in the animeas the war’s forces of good take on the Paranormal Liberation Front and the villains who run it, but we must admit that there is one hero who has huge popularity in the franchise, and now he’s gotten a chance to shine in the latest episode, it’s about Mount Lady, who suffered a major stroke last time, as she pulled off one of the best combo attacks ever seen in the anime series.

So since Mount Lady she’s a relatively new pro who rose to rank 23 and possesses a Gigantization Quirk that allows her to grow up to 67 feet tall, which comes along with the usual weaknesses of course, as she found out after being hit and nearly landing on Fat Gum. , and in this episode, she comes to the aid of Cementoss, a professional and UA faculty member at My Hero Academia whose Quirk allows her to control and create cement.

The hero fought against Geten, a villain wielding ice powers who was the one who managed to push Mount Lady to the ground with his ice, then, to avenge the embarrassment of being knocked down, Mt. Lady rushed to the aid of Cementspreventing the ice from destroying his concrete, so afterward, he created a huge cement tower, which Mount Lady grabbed by the narrow end and split, picking it up to use as a bat.

So being more equipped with a proper weapon, Mount Lady slams the cement bat and breaks the ice, sending shards flying everywhere and taking out Geten, making for a great duo when it comes to battle.

Although, we must recognize that this great movement underwent a couple of changes, since originally, chapter 273 of the sleevetold us that Mount Lady gets up and runs, but Cementoss, while present, doesn’t play much of a role, so when he’s about to try to use his Quirk to destroy the ice wall, Mount Lady unleashes a flurry of punches. , transforming the ice into fine powdery snow and launching Geten in the process.

While not a huge change in the grand scheme of things, turning this into a combo attack makes the scene infinitely more entertaining, with the pair pulling off the attack with such ease that it almost seems like they’ve done it before. , which also adds a lot of character to the interaction; while the manga version lays out the same wounded pride motivation for Mount Lady, the combo attack makes the whole thing seem more professional while still conveying her anger, it’s more than fans could expect from a hero.