My Hero Academia reveals new skins for Mirko and Nejire

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Mirko is probably not on the same level as Hawks and Endeavor in terms of his powers, but this amazing and athletic heroine has become a fan favorite thanks to her tough personality, her sense of justice and her quirk, which gives him the powers of a rabbit that could defeat anyone with a kick. After the final act of My Hero Academia, seemingly at the height of the war, with heroes and villains clashing to determine who will rule the world next, it seems Mirko has received a new item for this last battle which makes her able to see All For One’s forces in full effect against the professional heroes and young students of UA Academy.

Previously My Hero Academia has revealed that Aoyama is the traitor who has hidden his ties to All For One as part of Class 1-A.. In reality, this revelation caused the unlucky young hero to share his sad story in which he was born without a Quirk, but was granted powers by the almighty villain and Shigaraki’s mentor. Being discovered by Midoriya and his friends, they devised a plan that was carried out in this last chapter of the manga, 343. This plan had the objective of setting a trap for All For One and his allied forces while the most important heroes of the world faced the main villains, promising a battle never seen before in the My Hero Academia series.

A Twitter user, called Sans Llurashared to the fandom Mirko’s surprise makeover, along with Nejire, shown in the latest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga, with both heroines sporting new haircuts for the final war that will determine the future of hero society. , as heroes and villains clash over what could be their last fight:

On the other hand, the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, has stated that he plans to extend the series for about another year, telling many stories within the Shonen franchise manga, which will also be in the anime adaptation. This autumn The Arc of War will be released as part of the sixth season of My Hero Academiaand Mirko will have an important role in the fight against the newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front, in what will be one of the most important battles of her career as a hero.

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