My Hero Academia reveals Shigaraki’s most fearsome form

This article will contain spoilers…

This article will contain spoilers for the next chapter of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia).), the manga that has come out in the last few hours on the MangaPlus by Sheisha service. Especially with regards to Tomura Shigaraki, the powerful villain who has taken on a new form that completely destroys his humanity, or so it appears.

My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) chapter 366 continues after Shigaraki’s body begins to change, and it is explained that all this time his body had been “groping” for its most optimal form to possess the power of All For One. The hands that extended from his body were supposed to be his ideal body as they kept heroes at bay while destroying everything in their path, but Erasure’s quirk had stalled this form as Shigaraki’s body he couldn’t heal all the damage he had been taking. As a result, the hands went inward, but that was not the scariest change..

The previous chapter ended with Shigaraki’s mind fraying further as he tried to reconcile the thoughts and feelings All For One had embedded in him with his own desires. This led to a version of the Shimura family seemingly growing out of his body., and while it seemed like he was preparing for a strange kind of reunion, the most recent chapter revealed that this was actually leading up to something much more disturbing. His family and his emerging hands then merge into what the series calls Shigaraki’s “ideal” form for his power.

The damage to his body along with his suffering and fractured mind formed his “ideal” body. A version of his dead family now stands by his side as their hands and fingers literally close on him to protect his body as much as possible.. It forms a rather horrible yet tragic appearance for the villain, as it is clear that his mind is giving way to the immense pressure that his power is exerting on him. Fortunately, Izuku arrived just in time to combat this powerful new form.

All For One’s plans for Shigaraki are creepy in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

Shigaraki’s future, in a way, was already sealed when he decided to work for All For One. In My Hero Academia chapter 364, the truth may have finally come to light. All For One just used the quirk of Eri, the little girl who was saved by Mirio, on himself to return to her physical prime, so that he can fight Endeavor at full capacity. But as the villain reveals, once activated, there’s no stopping it: Eri’s Rewind will continue to have an effect on him until he is killed.. In other words, triggering Eri’s quirk on himself means All For One is sacrificing his health to deal as much damage as possible before dying. Interestingly, All For One says that with his death, he is passing the dream of him to Shigaraki.

my hero academia boku no hero 364

All For One plans to “pass control” of the League of Villains to Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia chapter 364 (Boku no Hero Academia).

It’s unclear what the All For One/Shigaraki merger will look like, but it’s obvious from their previous statements that All For One plans to become the dominant personality. In other words, All For One never intended to take over from Shigaraki. When he began planning as many contingencies as possible for this final battle, All For One obviously projected that one possible scenario could result in him having no choice but to use Eri’s Rewind on himself. Since this would eventually end in his own demise, it is likely that All For One planned accordingly by introducing this alternate fusion so that he could live on in Shigaraki’s body after death. Thus, he is not passing control of the League of Villains to Shigaraki, he is passing it to himself, having reclaimed Shigaraki’s form.