My Hero Academia Reveals Shinso’s New Ability

Will Shinso be important again in this new arc?

¡My Hero Academia has revealed a whole new kind of quirk that Hitoshi Shinsō, the hero who came back to help Aoyama Yuga in previous chapters! This hero has developed a key piece for the final arc of the manga by Kohei Horikoshi! The current final act of Kohei Horikoshi’s official manga series is underway and it looks like it won’t let its readers rest with revelations, issue by issueas the final battle between the heroes and the villains will bring arcs of personal growth for both sides.

However, before things officially got to this point, the heroes had come up with a plan that would somehow give them an advantage over All For One and the villains. While the previous chapter had revealed that their plan was a success and the heroes were able to take the powerful antagonist by surprise, My Hero Academia 344 gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how it all happened. Previously, Kohei Horikoshi had teased that Shinso would play a major role in the Final Act, and while we have yet to see what that could bewe did not expect that your quirk it would be the trigger that would fire the first bullet.

My Hero Academia chapter 344 showed that Shinso has developed a new power that allows him to order others to speak instead of just controlling their movements, this has allowed the heroes’ interrogations to be more beneficial and impactful. This ability was used during All For One’s trap with Aoyama Yuga and her parents.

My Hero Academia 344 brought an important new power to Shinso

In chapters prior to My Hero Academia 344, it had all started when the “young traitor”, Aoyama Yuga, summoned Deku to the top of a building shortly after they moved into the Fortress created by Cementoss to tell him All For One’s plan. However, there was something strange in the atmosphere that Deku immediately noticed.

At that peak, he told him that thanks to the help of his parents’ legal team, the heroes’ board had decided to free him without major problems (as Professor Aizawa himself had foretold). But, something strange happened at that moment: instead of celebrating with the rest of the UA students, who had supported him even against All For One and company, Aoyama begins to tell him the details of All For One’s plan: Destabilize the world by creating scarcity of resources and using their gifts to economically control those nations.

my hero academia 343 aoyama all for one

Finally, it seems that this traitor had returned to the side of the heroes when Aoyama tells him in My Hero Academia 343 that it was all a trap. The hero couldn’t resist the idea of ​​protecting his family from him, even if it meant abandoning his friends at the UA, all in order to have a place in this villain’s new world. Thus, the villain ascends behind him: “How terrifying it must have been to disappoint your friends like that. How heartbreaking it is to betray someone who has put all their faith in you.” Deku was in shock, he couldn’t believe that in the end his great friend had just sold him to All For One.

But, it was all a plan on the part of the heroes: Shinso had controlled the speech of Aoyama’s parents and the traitor himself so that no one would suspect the lie in question, including All For One himself.. While this hero couldn’t use his brainwashing to make others talk, he has been training hard since the Joint Training Exercise arc to better use his quirk and quickly catch up with everyone else in the hero course (even if he still cannot officially advance due to all the chaos around the school).

my hero academia 344 shinso

Thanks to his ability, the heroes were able to evade All For One’s lie detection quirk and thus, the battle has officially begun in My Hero Academia chapter 344. It remains to be seen how Shinso will account for the rest of the fights in Final Act War, but he played a huge part in helping it all fall apart and will likely be rewarded at the end of the day.

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