My Hero Academia reveals that this character is still alive and returns in an epic way

Best Jeanist and Hawks have accomplished a feat in My Hero Academia.

Heroes of My Hero Academia

Though My Hero Academia it is not at the peak of its historyThis has not prevented the author of the series from giving himself creative licenses when it comes to killing some of his characters in the purest Shakespearean style. But this is not surprising since this latest arc has presented one of the most interesting events for the heroes and their antagonists.

Both factions are warming up for an unprecedented confrontation. However, along the way many of them did not manage to survive and their absence is quite conspicuous. In contrast to the unfortunate situation these heroes faced and the high cost of defending their ideals, there is a hero who came back from the dead in episode 11 of My Hero Academia.

Best Jeanist has returned to play

As we mentioned, the Hero Association is in for an awesome contest and the season 6 raid it was possible thanks to the infiltration ability of Hawks. This great hero pretended to join the League of Villains (now Paranormal Liberation Front) to bring his darkest plans and secrets to Endeavor. But, although it sounds simple, it is one of the most complicated tasks that Hawks has carried out, since the villains initially did not understand why he would want to belong to his faction. And he, convincing them of a strong betrayal, showed the corpse of Best Jeanist only so that the enemies would believe him.


So, during My Hero Academia season 6 episode 11 we saw a strange subject who ran very determined. And, from the plane, Hawks argued with the pilot about his possible identity, although he pointed out that from the way he ran, he would not have recovered from any attack, so there was not much to do. And, upon landing, we saw an image that is quite familiar to us: a denim jacket that he combined with boots of the same style.

At the same time that this individual was running in fear, another important battle was taking place between Tomura Shigaraki and the heroes. In this scenario, things were not looking good at all, since Bakugo, Endeavor and Shigaraki were at the limit of their abilities. Everything seemed to be coming to an end, but the reinforcements arrived and the fight continued its course. Shigaraki was taking a beating, but the members of the Paranormal Liberation Front and Gigantomachia were close to getting their leader back.

Taking advantage of this intense battle, dabi he finally did what we were all waiting for: reveal his true identity and, of course, end Endeavor. Once he achieved it and Endeavor was defeated, Dabi pounced for him to feel the horror of the Prominence Burn.” After this iconic moment best jeanist appearedwho used his fiber cables to restrain Gigantomachia and other villains belonging to the Paranormal Liberation Front.


Best Jeanist from My Hero Academia.

So the question is… how did Best Jeanist survive? The explanation is very simple. A while ago, the series of My Hero Academia He proved to the viewers that Hawks had never actually betrayed the Hero Association by going the other way. So one might expect Best Jeanist’s death to be nothing more than a simple trick and it was all a plan agreed upon by Hawks and Best Jeanist.

By the time Hawks arrived with the “proof” to his enemies of Best Jeanist’s lifeless body to Dabi, surely it was not the real one. It is true that Dabi was incredulous at first, but when he saw the body there was nothing suspicious, especially since the body was in the possession of the Paranormal Liberation Front. This means, then, that the two heroes used some ruse so that the members fell into the trap with some kind of double or imitation of the “dead hero”.

Thus the only possibility that Best Jeanist has “survived” during all this time is that he did not really die, but that he was induced by Hawks in a kind of catatonic state (which is similar to death). Of course, we don’t know where the power that achieved it came from, it could have been through a Quirk or medical means. Although, if we consider that in the scene in which the pilot assured that the person who was running was injured, perhaps it was Best Jeanist himself recovering from a state that subjected him to a deep sleep and his body still had not assimilated awakening.

But also it is likely that Best Jeanist has been hiding all this time, so there would be no reason for him to have problems when fighting, since his body would continue with the same strength and abilities as always. Be that as it may, the return of this hero gave the Hero Association hope to annihilate his enemies.