My Hero Academia reveals the future of three protagonists in this official art

At least the three of them are together… right?

The Big Three could have a good ending in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) or, at least, that shows us this official art that shares a tender scene with us: this group of friends sharing their graduation. It should be noted that this article will contain spoilers for his return to the manga.if you don’t want to miss the latest updates on Kohei Horikoshi’s work, we recommend reading the version available at MangaPlus by Shueisha in Spanish.

During this massive fight between heroes and villains that make up the final arc of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), the series has been developing other supporting characters, even outside of the main panels. One of which was that each of the third-years officially graduated from school and became full-fledged professional heroes of practicing their profession, but this too was something that sadly had to happen quickly and without much fanfare. , as usual. In special art from series creator Kohei Horikoshi, share how The Big Three consisting of Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki graduated. Check it out below:

As the final war between the heroes and the villains becomes even more intense with the final chapters of the series, there are likely to be other regular school events that will no longer be seen in the series. Because things have progressed at such a fast pace for Izuku and the others, there won’t be much time to show off all the smaller moments of each of the other heroes that could be seen in the first era of the series. things got to this point. But now it remains to be seen how it will all end in the future.

Izuku and the others still have a lot of school lefteven after this total war against the villains comes to an end, but it’s really hard to imagine what kind of future the series could have after such a chaotic war that is unfolding now. With the series gearing up for its grand finale after this final fight, there’s a lot that could be accomplished with a time skip dedicated to showing more moments like this, and that we will see in the anime.

The Big Three’s Great Fight at My Hero Academia

Before the group known as Los Tres Grandes (The Big Three) could begin their assault on Shigaraki in earnest in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), they had to get Bakugo out of their clutches safely. After suffering from the fight with the villain and ending up with a broken arm and countless other injuries at Shigaraki’s hands, Bakugo could barely move, let alone struggle to break free of the villain’s grasp. With such close proximity, Bakugo was in the most dangerous position of anyone else involved in the war. So Mirio and The Big Three decided to save him at the risk of his own life..

my hero academia 360 shigaraki

In the recent chapter of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki faced the trio of Heroes known as The Big Three alongside Mirio.

Nejire struggled to change the direction of her attacks and avoid hitting Bakugo at all costs. However, when Nejire began to attack, Bakugo was nearly hit by friendly fire. She fired a spiked bolt of energy called Nejire Pike at Shigaraki, but instead of dodging it, the villain just placed Bakugo in his way. At the last second, Nejire managed to deflect the beam from him and narrowly avoided impaling Bakugo, showing his improved control over his Wave Motion Quirk in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia).

Nejire’s initial assault was quickly followed by a sneak attack from Amajiki. After transforming into his Great Hybrid Form, he blended into the surroundings with Octopus Mirage and promptly stung Shigaraki with a giant scorpion stinger that he manifested. The poison he had injected seemed to be working for a second, until Shigaraki created a mouth at the injection site and spilled every drop of poison. She laughed at how pathetic Amajiki’s attack was as he enjoyed his body’s automatic adaptation abilities. To taunt Amajiki, he transformed his arm into a many-mouthed monster with which he chased after the teenage hero. in transformation.

Amidst the chaos Shigaraki created by chasing Amajiki, Mirio deftly slid through the entire mass of flesh and ripped Bakugo from My Hero Academia’s (Boku no Hero Academia) Shigaraki’s arms.