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My Hero Academia has a wide variety of characters that continue to become very popular as the story progresses. But who is the fan community’s favorite? This question was answered once more in the popularity poll published in weekly magazine Shunkan Shonen Jump.

The mangaka of the series (Kohei Horikoshi) also shared a new illustration featuring the most popular characters from My Hero Academia next to an animal that represents his personality. Bakugo Katsuki takes first place in the survey again while a surprise awaits in the ninth position of the census.

  1. Bakugo Katsuki (13,869 votos)
  2. Midoriya Isuku (10,462 votos)
  3. Shoto Todoroki (7,999 votos)
  4. Kirishima Eijiro (5,176 votos)
  5. Hawks (4,917 votes)
  6. Lone way Tenya (4,404 votes)
  7. Shota Aizawa (3,087 votos)
  8. Present Mic (2,833 votes)
  9. Rody Soul (1,759 votos)
  10. Shinso Hitoshi (1,524 votos)

The most popular in the My Hero Academia universe | Photo: Shonen Jump

To the surprise of many, this survey features the appearance of Rody Soul, an exclusive character from the film My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission and that Mexican fans will be able to see on the big screen next year. (both in its original language and with dubbing in Latin Spanish).

Some exclusive characters from the movies have had some recidivism in the main story of My Hero Academia, so after the results of this survey It would be no surprise to run into Rody Soul again in some cameo inside of the manga; after all that was what he gave origin to the creation of the heroine “Star & Stripes”.

With information from: Shonen Jump and Twitter


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