My Hero Academia reveals the tragic origin of Tomura Shigaraki

The bow of My Villain Academia has given us a glimpse into the origins of several of the antagonists that make up the League of Villains, with the likes of Toga, Twice and Spinner placed under the microscope in the final act of season five of My Hero Academia.

Warning! The following in The Truth News will talk about spoilers. We recommend you catch up with the anime from Boku no Hero Academia until episode 111, or episode 23 of season 5 animated by Studio BONES.

Remembering that Boku no Hero anime 109 shares the preview of the rise of villains, now it was time to delve into perhaps the most tragic story of all the antagonists: Tomura Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia episodio 111: Tenko Shimura

El nacimiento de Tomura Shigaraki (Tenko Shimura)

The heir to All For One, whose real name is Tenko Shimura, is also the grandson of All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura. The younger days of the villain Shigaraki were filled with tragedy and a series of events that led to the antagonist we meet today.

In the last episode 111 of My Hero Academy season 5, Shigaraki fought against the head of the Meta Liberation Army, King-Right, and found himself crashing into a brick wall when it came to the CEO’s Quirk, Stress.

This peculiarity allowed Stress to have the ability to cover up in creepy looking armor, while also growing in size. Shigaraki then began to recall his origin story, while also increasing in power as his abilities and the power of his Quirk intensified.

With Re-Destro managing to break one of his hands, Shigaraki was lost in the fight and the final section of the episode plunged into his origin story tied to All Might’s mentor.

Nana Shimura had to get away from her son to protect him

It turned out that when Shigaraki (Tenko Shimura) was a little boy, he had a dream of becoming a hero, and his father strictly forbade it. Shimura’s father, who also happened to be Nana Shimura’s son, found himself hating the world of heroes thanks to his mother Nana Shimura left him to protect him from the villains.

Unfortunately, it seems that Kotaro Shimura He had a lot more to worry about when it came to his son, than the potential villains who were after him. Then episode 111 of MHA showed that Shigaraki developed an “allergy”, which was in fact his Gift beginning to manifest itself.

Unfortunately, Shigaraki unleashed his power against his beloved corgi dog, as well as most of his family, who died instantly before his Quirk, Hōkai (Disintegration).

With his father beating him in an attempt to stop Shigaraki’s destruction, the five-year-old boy killed his father and thus was born one of the greatest villains in the history of Boku no Hero. What did you think of Shigaraki’s bloody origin? Who will win the battle between the League and the Liberation Army?

Where to see all the seasons of My Hero Academia?

You can see all the seasons of the anime My Hero Academia en Crunchyroll. The Studio BONES animated series is available in its original Japanese language with subtitles (Spanish-English) or with dubbing. Fans can also catch up on the manga MHA de Kohei Horikoshi from official sources like VIZ Media O Manga More.

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