My Hero Academia reveals what Izuku Midoriya’s new costume will look like

This new image has removed the green colors in Izuku’s costume!

Finally My Hero Academia has reached its last act and, therefore, that means that its iconic heroes need new equipment. Izuku had already asked for some improvements after passing through the battlefield, and finally the professionals have listened to him. After all, it wasn’t long ago that his new team made an amazing debut, but now his official colors are on full display for the audience.

As you can see in the following post, the update comes courtesy of the latest My Hero Academia cover. The manga graces the cover of this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump on the occasion of its early release. Izuku and Ochaco appear on the cover, with the former showing us the color scheme of their new look.

Goodbye to the green tones of Izuku’s suit

This illustration of both characters is definitely different from what we’ve seen before, and we have Gran Torino to thank. Izuku’s green hair continues to complement a cooler look, though the suit has lost much of its viridian hue.. On this occasion, the suit leans towards black with some touches of gold and orange, which, to tell the truth, suit him quite well. Also, Gran Torino’s cape takes up the space where Izuku had a bronze face shield, and that’s just the beginning of a series of changes.

As we can see in the previous image, Izuku’s new suit has lines that run through the arms, and that match the color of Gran Torino’s cape. His specialized Air Force gloves have also been redesigned with shades of gold and brown this time around. So unless there are hints of green hidden in this suit, Izuku’s new look pretty much ditches the hue he’s been seen in in his biggest battles.

This new look is, to say the least, elegant, and pays homage to the heroes that Izuku has admired the most throughout My Hero Academia. From All Might to Gran Torino and even Bakugo, the suit holds the spirit of those who inspire Izuku the most. And while no suit makes the man, it’s safe to say that this outfit does give this hero a pretty interesting look and certainly makes him more imposing. We hope to see him soon fighting with these beautiful colors that contrast with his messy hair.

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