My Hero Academia Reveals What Izuku Midoriya’s New Unique Quirk Is

The anime from My Hero Academia has put an end to the first arc of the sixth season with the most recent episode, where we have seen that Izuku Midoriya has gained another new power by tapping into the fourth user quirk within One For All for the first time.

You see, the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc has pushed each of the heroes beyond their limits, so after giving everything against Tomura Shigaraki and the other villains, was that Deku unlocked two new powers within One For All in rapid succession as a result of these struggles.

Yes ok Deku had been training beforehand with some knowledge of the other powers within One For All, it’s much different in practice when these quirks are actually unlocked. Deku was already able to take advantage of Nana Shimura’s quirk during the course of the fight, and the most recent episode took this a step further by revealing that the eerie sense of future vision that Deku had felt earlier was actually the quirk of Nana Shimura. fourth user known as “Danger Sense”.

A spark of lightning in his brain that informed him of incoming dangers before they happened, Deku fully unlocked this quirk in Episode 126 of the series. animeso now, overwhelmed by a new sense of danger as it began to spiral out of control within One For All just like Blackwhip had done before.

Deku realizes that this is actually one of the quirks he was told about in training earlier, and the Danger Sense, belonging to the Fourth User. It’s so out of control inside his head that he even begins to lose consciousness because he can’t keep up with this overwhelming sense of danger.

Which is confirmation that his use of One For All is growing in capacity thanks to the need to keep up with Shigaraki’s power, but it’s far from Deku being able to use this power in practice, but now, he has another new power to master in the rest of My Hero Academia Season 6 which will be released next month.