My Hero Academia: Russian Artist Unleashes Bakugo’s Explosive Power With This Cosplay Costume | Spaghetti Code

Of the characters of My Hero AcademiaBakugo is a fan favorite due to his explosive and tangy personality. Such an attitude is reinforced by his incredible and destructive power, which is why this character has become one of the most dangerous superheroes in the work of Kōhei Horikoshi. That’s why we loved this cosplay, as it is an extremely faithful portrayal of the rebel Kacchan.

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Calm Bakugo, I didn’t say anything bad about your hair | Image: Artyom Ovsyannikov (Instagram)

We have to warn that in this cosplay, the Russian artist Artyom Ovsyannikov is not wearing a wig, so his resemblance to Bakugo it’s completely natural. His characterization has been added to a clothing that is extremely faithful in resemblance to the character’s hero uniform.

In this way Artyom Ovsyannikov has managed to fix in a real image an exact copy of the character from the Draws of My Hero Academia.

We did not know his taste for shibari | Image: Artyom Ovsyannikov (Instagram)

In the following photograph from the set of Artyom Ovsyannikov we can see a profile of Bakugo that we did not expect: that of the practitioner of shibari. In this way the cosplayer performs a tribute to genre paintings that’s it.

We had never considered Bakugo as a possible protagonist of a manga or anime bishounen, but thanks to what was seen in this cosplay, we have confirmed that seeing a spin off of the character who has given us so much emotion throughout My Hero Academia season 5 might be what we really need.

Calm Bakugo, I didn’t say anything bad about your hair | Image: Artyom Ovsyannikov (Instagram)

Kacchan’s Gift may not be as strong as All for One, but we cannot deny that his abilities are among the most developed of all the characters that have appeared in the series. Hard task of learning to fight by explosions, but nothing quite as satisfying as kicking your enemies’ butt using nitroglycerin!

And you, what do you think of this cosplay of My Hero Academia?


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