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season 6 of My Hero Academia is in a very intense moment, in the last episode, a popular character says goodbye in a very heartbreaking way.

Season 6 makes excellent use of the assets that Season 5 bequeathed to it. Now started a war in all forms, between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

On the one hand, this evoked emotional moments for the heroes who are on their way to an assault on the villains’ base. And, on the other, the battles are taken to a new level – bloodier.

The most recent episode of the sixth season of My Hero Academia focused on Hawks, who leads the secret mission to storm the base of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Also it was revealed why he wanted to eliminate Twice, as the villain’s ability could turn the tide of battle. At first He tried to stop him, but when his plan did not work, he had to kill him.

This leads to a ruthless situation where Twice uses his last breath to say goodbye to Himiko Toga.

My Hero Academia says goodbye to a very popular character
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The 116th episode of My Hero Academia —which adapts the third episode of the sixth season— shows Twice being killed by Hawks. However, he manages to get a double while he bleeds out on the floor.

The doppelganger saves Toga and Mr. Compress from another hero who imprisoned them. However, the girl quickly realizes that this doppelganger is acting strange and indeed falls apart the moment Twice dies.

My Hero Academia Twice
Source: Bones

Twice tried to do – for the last time – everything he could for his friends, the sad thing is that we will not see him anymore. The villain apologized to Toga for not being able to make more of her, but she hugs him and thanks him for saving her anyway.

Twice and Toga had a difficult life, this loss will generate an intense mood of revenge, Toga will look for Haws to die in a terrible way, let’s see what happens.

It should be mentioned that — at least — Twice died happy, since he found others who did love him.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Premiere

It premiered on October 1, 2022, in Mexico you can see it through Crunchyroll every Saturday.

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