My Hero Academia Season 5: release date, trailers, info, spoilers

Season 5 of My Hero Academia (MHA S5) is one of the most anticipated anime of 2021. In this article, find all the information available on the continuation of the adventures of Midoriya, Endeavor or Todoroki! We update it regularly as information reaches us, so you can find the latest updated release date, trailers and trailers, spoilers or other anecdotes. Feel free to come back to it from time to time.

My Hero Academia Season 5: what release date?

As a reminder, season 4 ended in April 2020. Shortly after, a fifth season was announced in stride, and we now know its release date. The time has finally come, with the My Hero Academia anime, to start a new semester. This adaptation of the hit manga by Kohei Horikoshi will continue with the broadcast of season 5 of My Hero Academia on Crunchyroll this Saturday, March 27.

We also know that the first episode of MHA’s S5 will be a special issue. It will therefore not take up the elements of the manga. There should be a great retrospective and a summary of the events that happened in the last season, and maybe more. In the twenty minutes that we will find this Saturday, we can also see the heroes receive a “special” mission. We look forward !

We also do not know the number of episodes that will make up season 5 of MHA. In all likelihood, we should find a format similar to S4, that is to say with 24-26 episodes. There is plenty to do with the many advance chapters that are available and will be adapted. However, one can always have the misfortune of a season consisting of two parts of 12 episodes, with a cut in the middle.

MHA Season 5: trailers and trailers

The first trailer for season 5 was released in October 2020. A second was deployed on the Internet in December, which allows you to get an idea of ​​​​the characters who will appear in the first scenes, but also of the animation quality. from the studio. You can find them below in the YouTube videos.

As you can see, it looks like Hitoshi Shinso (the general stream character who has purple hair) has a much larger role in MHA Season 5. As a reminder, he too wants to become a professional hero, and the latter has a fighting style based on mind control. His Alter, concretely, being summed up as brainwashing, which brings him de facto closer to supervillains. During his teenage years, this caused him to constantly feel inferior to others, and he wished he had a Quirk more suited to combat.

In general, it is estimated that season 5 of MHA should start by resuming chapters 190 to 193 of volume 21. Then we will have to see how far we can go back. In any case, without robbing you, it promises big character developments as well as fights, each more epic than the next. Remember the end of season 4, particularly explosive, with the villains who manage to master the anti Quirk bullets, and the explosion of Endeavour.

New My Hero Academia Season 5 trailer released on 03/03/2021. It is short, but allows to highlight the multiple protagonists of the coming season. The secondary characters will have a greater place in the image, which is a big plus for the sustainability of the show. The music used remains to be defined: new opening or rather for the fights? Then the little teaser at the end with the “Deku-kun!! » which lets us imagine many surprises…

My Hero Academia Season 5: Spoilers

Season 5 will begin with episode 89. It will begin with a recap and special episode. Next, the S5 will focus on completing the Hero Pro arc adaptation. She will then move on to the Common Training arc. For the moment, these are sequences that are already available in the scans, still being published. We can obviously go beyond in the S5 of MHA, but nothing is yet recorded. If you’ve read the scans, you know that the main characters are getting a nice evolution in them, and the anime should make a point to mark the occasion. In any case, the animation will still be just as impressive, according to the first visuals that we have in our possession!

MHA Season 5 Episode Summary

Episode 1

Episode 1

The first episode of season 5 of MHA aired on March 27, 2021 in the early morning. While taking up the last events of the S4 with Endeavor, it allows to introduce the next events which will occur by the next episodes. The small retrospective reminds us of the main Quirks of the secondary characters, including those of the main class. In the episode, Deku and his comrades are put through a class exercise, which simulates an attack by villains.

This also highlights the multiple affiliations that have been woven between the friends. Depending on their power, there are intervention teams, care or reconnaissance teams. To put out a fire, Ingenium is useful for transporting troops, and Shoto Todoroki can freeze anything with his Ice Quirk.

Afterwards, Mirio is rescued in the river. Sudden events follow one another to solicit the reaction of all the apprentice heroes. In the end, the Big 3 are brought in to play the role of villains. After a double rescue of Mirio, the other two are put out of harm’s way, and the exercise is finally successful by the students of UA. Deku will, however, blow everything up…

At the end of the episode, after the credits, we have a short vision on Endeavor. He is now number one of the heroes and we notice that at the end of his confrontation with the Brainless, everything did not go as planned. We find him in a hospital bed, and we see that Hawk seems linked to the Alliance…