My Hero Academia: Season 6 of the anime already looks much better than 5

Season 5 of the anime of “My Hero Academia“He left us with a gazillion fights between a lot of people who didn’t interest me and who I knew I didn’t have to worry too much about either, and yes, I had already complained about this more than once. However, I think that with the anime season 6 premiere It has become more than clear that the management of the story in the previous season… well, meh. Luckily, the piece of war that seemed to be coming it didn’t take long to start to get hot.

My Hero Academia hits the key again little by little

Why is it arousing more interest in me alone two episodes of season 6 than most of “My Hero Academia” season 5? Very simple:

  • Mirko. It was already my highlight from the first episode and, honestly, it has also been from the second. He has needed nothing and less to give off a crazy charisma and yes, it has also taken the best that Bones has done at animation level in these two episodes. ❗
  • Shigaraki. it just is of my favorite characters from all My Hero Academia, and I am sure it will go even further. What is he doing in that “Dragon Ball” tank? Knowing everything that is known about the Nomus, he paints that once he gets out of there it will be a before and after for him… and for the whole world. ❤️
  • Kaminari. That I was not excited about season 5 It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the secondary to shine, but you have to know how and when to take advantage of them. Precisely, the double moment of the cement boy and Kaminari seems to me to be a perfect example of what I am saying. In addition, many shots of the episode already let us see well-known faces that, truthfully, we want to see again in action. ✔️

If we continue in this same direction, I think that “My Hero Academia” is going to recover all the charm that it lost in season 5 and that it began to recover at the end of it. It is clear that in this type of long stories it is very difficult to always be 100%, and every franchise has sagas that are somewhat below the rest. However, knowing that now Bones is going to be in what seems like a constant frenetic race, I think there are plenty of reasons to look favorably on the episodes to come.

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