My Hero Academia: Season 6 would arrive next October 2022

Season 6 of My Hero Academia It’s still a bit far. The fiction fanatics of Kōhei Horikoshi They need more episodes like May water to quench their thirst for consumption, and it is that right now the story is at a high point with the final battle on the minds of all viewers and characters and with the death of some prominent protagonists still being the subject of theories. My Hero Academia I’ve never been so fit when it comes to script twists, though that doesn’t exactly mean it’s a good thing.

Through ComicBook, we learned that season 6 of the anime will return to television from autumn 2022, pointing to October as the month chosen for the deployment of the new episodes. A date that is certainly far removed from the current scene and that will certainly make the most staunch followers a bit disappointed, but things in the palace go slowly and it is always better that this type of content arrives as polished as possible.

For now we have a lot of material to assimilate

Considering, yes, that each episode of My Hero Academia (at least the recent ones) are giving a lot to talk about and the community of spectators that praises fiction does not stop scratching theories, and other content, in relation to what is going to happen next (remember chapter 335) for now it shouldn’t be worrying to wait so long. Seeing, we repeat, that there is much to study behind each script and manga.

You can enjoy the feature films published to date My Hero Academia if you haven’t done it yet, My Hero Academy: Misin world of hroes arrived in Spain last November, and thus go “killing” the wait until season 6, which like the end of Attack the titans it is postulated as one of the seasons most important of the current anime scene.