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On My Hero Academia There are only four characters who entered the most prestigious academy of heroes in Japan by recommendation and in this cosplay de Tokage Setsuna realizado por por hiso.neko (Instagram) We can see the second student from room 1-B who entered the UA through recommendation.

Setsuna made her stellar appearance in season 5 of My Hero Academia when it was his turn (along with other colleagues from room 1-B) to face the students in room 1-A in a tag team match.

The heroine outfit Setsuna wore during her match in the “tag team” arc consists of one piece in purple that completely covers her attractive figure, along with a pair of gloves, armbands and belt as accessories. Finally, the playful and confident expression that he shows with his face is covered by a mask of the same color as his suit.

Setsuna made a very sexy appearance on MHA | Photo: hiso.neko (Instagram)

Since his debut in the My Hero Academia anime, several characterizations of increasingly popular characters have appeared, but none of them had represented the scales on Setsuna’s suit with as much precision as the cosplay de hiso.neko.

It is a detail that is very important for the characterization of the character since it is related to her alter ego as a heroine. When she puts on her costume Setsuna adopts the name “Lizardy”, a woman whose Gift allows her to divide her body into up to 50 parts that she can control at will.

Not confirmed but every time Setsuna divides a part of her body she can regenerate it over time, which would make her a highly damage resistant heroine and a great asset for espionage and infiltration missions.

Reptile scales | Photo: hiso.neko (Instagram)

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