My Hero Academia Shares New Look At World Heroes Mission Blu-Ray

my hero academia is gearing up for what might be its most devastating season yet with the upcoming sixth season which will adapt the war arc story this fall, but there have been plenty of stories that have unfolded lately in the world of UA Academy. While the Shonen franchise has yet to announce if a new movie is in the works for Deku and Friends, the latest entry, My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission, set to arrive on home video, with the series giving fans a preview of the upcoming Blu-Ray release.

The story of My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission saw Deku team up with Shoto Todoroki and Bakugo to battle a deadly new cult known as the Humarize, who viewed all Quirks as a curse on humanity that needed to be eradicated. Expanding on the roster of previous films, the third film in the Shonen series brought together the young heroes of Class 1-A along with professional heroes including Endeavor and Hawks. With this upcoming Blu-Ray release, fans will also be able to own a new OVA that introduces hero number two Hawks, who has yet to make its way to the small screen.

the My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission Blu-Ray has shared a new look at the physical release, giving UA Academy fans plenty of new material to dive into as well as the third film in the series which introduced many new characters to the popular Shonen world forged by Kohei Horikoshi. :

(Photo: Toho Animation)

Creator Kohei Horikoshi was quick to say that he had about a year of story left for the manga series which introduced us to the world of heroes and villains featuring All Might, All For One, Shigaraki, and more, leaving fans wondering what this could mean for future movies. Originally, Horikoshi also said that there could be up to ten films in the series, which means that my hero academia could continue long after the manga’s story ends.

The Blu-Ray edition of My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission is set to arrive in February in Japan, though a North American release date has yet to be revealed.

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