My Hero Academia shares the ‘opening’ and ‘ending’ of season 6

Can you imagine a world where most humans begin to develop mutations that give them powers? Well It’s about this strange case. The following generations already have special abilities and some want to become superheroes.

At this time, the broadcast of season 6 of the popular anime has started, which will be in charge of the preparations for the Paranormal Liberation War. All the main heroes have gathered to defeat Shigaraki’s army.

Who will take an important role in the war will be Hawk, who has infiltrated the enemy ranks after having a role as a double agent. He will be the one to inform the rest of the superheroes.

‘Opening’ and ‘ending’ of season 6 of My Hero Academia

Perhaps the most anticipated elements of the series are the themes. The ‘opening’ or opening song is “Hitamuki”, performed by the band Super Beaver, and offers us a glimpse of everything we will see in the season.

Bakugo and Deku are again protagonists competing for who will be the number one hero, but behind them is Shoto Todoroki, the son of Endeavor, who took the position of All Might in the organization of superheroes.

The ‘ending’, on the other hand, is somewhat calmer and more emotional. The first image is of the All Might statue being touched by the sun’s rays. You can see the growth of the characters throughout the season and the roles they have taken. The song is called “Sketch” and is performed by Kiyo Akiyama.

Episode 2 of the season will premiere on October 8. You’ll be able to watch it through Crunchyroll and other streaming apps.

My Hero Academia Season 6 ‘Opening’

My Hero Academia Season 6 ‘Ending’

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